Braynoch's Cliff: a spark is struck

In which our party of Bards goes looking for Imperator Furiosa who alone of all the great Imperators of the world can enchant our guitars to shoot fire and slay the Demon Queen of Lonhall

The Party

Benedictish Frankwich w/ Mumblefluff and jub-jub
Hayzeus the Meek
Hashtag Goku and Nonny the Duck with Helvetica the Cleric
Ser Cleve the Thief w/ Gustav IV: Gustavus Musselmenschen, Schlongzor, and Cordelia
Senator John Baelfjord of Ashburnham w/ Deagh
Billbucket with Inga Dickpuncher and Gierthe

Raiders in Lonhall

Scrooge and Ralfh went on a fire raid and tore through the camp of the Fel Heart, burning their tents. Scrooge was unable to light the boats on fire, but Ralfh burned a significant portion of their camp. FIRE FOR KING RETA. BURN BURN BURN HUMIES!

It's significantly important to send more forces, equipment, and bodies to fight now. If you have people you aren't bringing into the dungeon regularly, send them along to take part in the guerrilla war!

The Council Meeting

Orm the Traitor, turning his back on his good friend Geoffrey Diamonds, arrived with forces from the far south to make a case for invasion of Hugered to take it away from us. Geoffrey Diamonds managed to at the very least delay, if not gain significant allies (including The Enchantress) to secure our safety. However, nobody had any forces to spare to help with the raiders.

Rescuing Gierdha

Princess, leading Team Geoffrey's Diamonds, bravely lept into the ring of fire. This caused a roaring, angry voice to rise from seemingly everywhere in the room, the jailer was awakened! Hashtag, Benedictish, Baelfjord, and Hayzeus all entered the ring of fire as well while Ser Cleve basked in the flames as a fire elemental. The jailer scorched most of the party with a fire whip, fire punch, and a wall of fire; poor Rosencrantz was reduced to a pile of ashes. The efreet jailer was soon defeated. After Hashtag Goku and Princess discussed what it would mean for their relationship, Hashtag kissed the valkyrie, waking her up.

"Thank you! …can you do that again?" - Gierdha

Princess then proceeded to be a DICK about it and get really angry at Hashtag even though she insisted she was "fine" she clearly wasn't and doubled the silent treatment which is impressive for someone taking a vow of silence.

Still, Hashtag is wise in the ways of the future and admitted he was wrong. It is unknown whether Princess will accept this, because she is a very proud and independent woman.

The valkyrie, Giedha (spelled with a weird D that was apparently replaced with dh so that's way easier to type all the time), was extremely pleased with the party and joined with us as a henchperson, with the offer that if any female fighters of the 6th level or higher would like to train under her in the ways of the valkyrie and gain awesome powers, she could teach them instead of fight with us.

The Demon Queen

We got some sicknasty info on her from Gierdha. Particularly, in how she fights and what happened in the battle with King Aaron hundreds of years ago.

Next Week

Onward toward the DQ! Fuck with the raiders more! Level up and be cool!

Find if it is possible to manage the fights in the bottom level without alerting everything and having to fight it all at once.



A Valkyrie

Full Share: SP.

Monsters Slain

1 Efreet @ 2000 exp

Full Share XP:



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