Braynoch's Cliff: Sorry, Rosencrantz

The Party

Benedictish Frankwich w/ Mumblefluff and jub-jub
Dana w/ Reta Bigbad
Hayzeus the Meek w/ Bob and Fuckslayer
Councillor Geoffrey Diamonds with Hashtag Goku and Nonny the Duck
Ser Cleve the Thief w/ Gustav IV: Gustavus Musselmenschen, Schlongzor, and Cordelia
Senator John Baelfjord of Ashburnham w/ Deagh and Buck Swanson 420
Shambalamalalala with Vivienne
Billbucket with Inga Dickpuncher and Gierthe

Raiders in Lonhall

Scrooge and Ralfh have found out that there are other groups opposing the Fel Heart, but they are just as despicable as the Fel Heart themselves. Scrooge also found information about where they might be harboring their ships that they use for raids.

Reta Feels Bad

She got drunk and was mean to Geoffrey Diamonds.


Jesus christ 17 wraiths. Benedictish and Rosencrantz got level drained, but Baelfjord and Hayzeus the Meek managed to turn away most of them. Ser Cleve was cool and turned into like 30 things. We killed a frog. Geoffrey located the ring of fire so we can rush in and save that nice lady.

My Hamtaro: Little Cleric, Big Adventures

Brother Hamtaro (so-named by Deagh after learning he couldn't remember his name) had the curse of being a statue removed from him and joined us back in Huge Red. He was promptly interrogated: he was a member of the Darsciscan order, and knew of a room we shouldn't enter unless we wanted to be damned to hell for forever. Cool!


Gold: 840
Silver: 2800

Brother Hamtaro, the Statue

Barkitor (Now permanently in the service of Baelfjord).

Full Share: 1832 SP.

Monsters Slain

17 Wraiths
4 Wyverns

Full Share XP: 537
Half Share XP: 268


Multiple levels

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