Braynoch's Cliff: Nightmares

The Gang

Benedictish Frankwich w/ Mumblefluff and Silent X
Dana w/ Reta Bigbad
Hayzeus the Meek w/ Bob and Fuckslayer
Councillor Geoffrey Diamonds with Hashtag Goku and Nonny the Duck, Helvetica the Cleric
Ser Cleve the Thief w/ Gustav IV: Gustavus Musselmenschen, Schlongzor, and Cordelia
Senator John Baelfjord of Ashburnham w/ Deagh and Buck Swanson 420
Archibald Arborlax with Bachelor's Buttons

Raiders in Lonhall

Doin' stuff. Rosencrantz has his work cut out for him.


An upset!


Geoffrey's Diamonds and Team Danger Pay are the best teams ever. Princess and Hashtag Goku got feared ran off holding hands and, in the heat of the moment while lost in the dark reaches of the Braynoch's Cliff dungeon, failed their saves versus true love.

Is there a cleric in the house?

We met "Arkandir", the other half of "Retribution", a sword inhabited by the demon Il-Ale-Knowe. It was wielded by a spectre riding a Nightmare. It sought to slay Baelfjord. Cordelia now carries the sword.

Wait… where'd they go?

Ser Cleve turned in to a gargoyle, a cockroach, and an earth elemental. Balefjord turned into an iron golem. Mumblefluff located our missing friends and Geoffrey Diamonds demoralized a group of Salamanders with a wall of ice. We recovered Princess and Hashtag Goku and also broke into the Nightmare's stable where we found a few gemstones.


Kianna Kyle's hoard

490 GP
3920 SP
4900 CP

3 Unknown potions (claimed by Silent X)

The Second Sword of Retribution, a black longsword of unholy making.

One share (of ten) was worth 2440 silver and 3 copper pieces. Please claim gems on the list.

Monsters Slain

1 Naga @ 1400xp
1 Nightmare @ 1400xp
1 Spooky knight dude @ 1100xp
1 Boar headed demon @ 2000xp
3 Succubi @ 1100xp per

Full share: 438 experience points.


Bachelor's Buttons

Swords of the Western Isles
carfar - rahlynn - The Longsword "Tamson" - retribution - Romney
Notable non-swords
Bloodmace - Wave
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