Braynoch's Cliff: Naga bothering

The Gang

Benedictish Frankwich w/ Mumblefluff and Silent X
Dana w/ Reta Bigbad
Hayzeus the Meek w/ Bob and Fuckslayer
Geoffrey Diamonds with Hashtag Goku and Nonny the Duck
Ser Cleve the Thief w/ Gustav IV: Gustavus Musselmenschen, Schlongzor, and Cordelia
John Baelfjord of Ashburnham w/ Deagh and Buck Swanson 420
Tiddly Pots


During carousing, Mumblefluff, Geoffrey Diamonds, Bob, and Baelfjord attempted to obtain votes for the upcoming election. Baelfjord also built an orphanage because he's such a caring soul who loves kids.

People from the Stonelands came to petition help from the Danish embassy to keep them safe from jerks. Scrooge, Ralfh, (someone else's henchperson I don't remember sorry?), and a company of militia men were dispatched to help stop the raids lead by Bjorn Fel Heart. Being able to project force is helpful to showing everyone that we're badasses and they need to back the fuck up. If anyone else wants to send another wave of hirelings and henchmen you aren't using, that'd be very helpful.

Last, commune identified that the jailer gaoler holding Giertha in the ring of fire is an efreet, and probably a jerk. His name is Rashar and he wields fire like a sword.


Two teams were created: Team Strikeforce and Team Cheese: Leading From Brie-hind. We bumped into a hag with a bindle but sent her ass back to elf land. We fought three wyverns and killed them dead. We bumped into three friendly valkyries, Thuther, Samantha, and Theitha, and Geoffrey Diamonds had to restrain Rosencrantz from pursuing the demands of his sword to kill the demons. They told us the easiest way to get down to the lady in the ring of fire, and we're close! Next game!

We found a naga with an illusory snake that we killed really well. The naga got away and ran to a bunch of harpies or succubi, complaining that we've allied with the Valkyries. Why wouldn't we? The Valkyries are way cooler.


200 GP

A full share was worth 200 SP.

Monsters Slain

1 Hag (1,400 each)
3 Wyverns (1,100 each)
1 Illusory serpent (0)

Full share: 285
Half share: 142



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