Braynoch's Cliff: Would you like to Cleve?

Deep within the earth, ten levels down, in a hall with six pillars and a throne—this, the goblin-hound Maxwell says, is where the Queen lairs, with her two serpents near, among the most fearsome of her two bodyguards. Each week that battle grows nearer, unless we fall before we reach her.

The Plan

Kill Olbrechus, take over control of goblins. Get Cleve. Get Lady in ring of fire. Get Demon Queen.

We could commune to learn about the lady (should we even rescue her or is this a terrible idea?), the serpent body guards which are undoubtedly demons and it'd be nice to learn their names, and figure out if the worm that Maxwell mentioned making the tunnels below is still kicking around

The Gang

Benedictish Frankwich w/ Mumblefluff
Archibald Arborlax
Dana w/ Reta Bigbad
Geoffrey Diamonds with Hashtag Goku
Gustav IV: Gustavus Musselmenschen w/ Gyorrj le Kay the Demon Slayer, Schlongzor and Malp
Baelfjord w/ Deagh and Buck Swanson 420

Getting Started

Archibald had a terrible accident while doing spell research. Though he was ultimately successful in learning a new spell, his arm was turned into a weird, feathery mass with a duck's head. It had the power to turn anything it struck into ducks. This would become very important. Randomly deciding to call it Puberty, Archibald quickly grew fond of his new appendage.

We got hirelings, and decided that for paying the 40 silver a week you get to call a man at arms whatever you want, but it won't change their actual name. Thus, "Dorito" the halfling-at-arms joined the party.

We moon gated into the dungeon and after a short amount of time getting our bearings, we found the dead end that Maxwell told us of last game. Buck Swanson and Hashtag Goku set up a sweet trick where Buck jumped off of his back and through the illusory wall, rolling between two trolls who swung their axes down together just a second after he rolled between them. It was rad as fuck.

Also there were a ton of clerics and a wizard jerk. Surprise!

Puberty Strikes

Buck was held, but Gustav IV: Gustavus Musselmenschen was able to create a barrier to stop all other magic from coming through. This allowed our front fighter ranks to slowly carve through the clerics, who were putting up a hell of a fight. Clerics were turned to ducks by Archibald. Geoffrey Diamonds purchased one.

After a hole was produced in the lines of the Pandocar clerics, the front rank burst through to chase down Ser Cleve. Hashtag went to kill Brother Sevik before he would get a chance to slit Buck's throat, and when Buck was no longer held the two shared an awesome fist bump.

President Mumblefluff and Dana chased Ser Cleve and tackled him.

Geoffrey Diamonds tried to tell him a really bad joke to make him pee his pants, but it didn't work.


SP: 1400
GP: 200

Lantern + 10 pints
The Baghlan’s Songs, by Luthgard of Alion’s Burg (value 800): contains Cevik and Arrighi's unusual spells: The Adjuration of the Murderous Queen of Heaven, snake charm, sticks-snakes, curse of the lizard

Ser Cleve for reals this time.

Treasure Share: 1042 sp

Monsters Slain

A whole bunch of clerics for 800xp x 1; 400xp x 1; 240xp x 1; 120xp x 3
Two trolls @ 800 xp per
Four snakes for 105 xp total

Full share: 356 xp
Half share: 178 xp



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