You're Fired

The Party

Benedictish Frankwich w/ Mumblefluff and Jubjub Quartzbomb
Billbuket Embercrotch
Dana w/ Reta Bigbad
Geoffrey Diamonds
Gustav IV: Gustavus Musselmenschen w/ Gyorrj le Kay the Demon Slayer and Cordelia

Demon Carousing and Finding Familiar

The two dwarves that went carousing, Gyorrj and Jubjub both got to roll on the demon carousing chart. Jubjub saw a bad omen - lightening striking all of the party's buildings. An imp named Tingles Malp decided that Gyorrj was super cool and followed him around… Gyorrj subsequently decided to stay at home. Meanwhile, Geoffrey Diamonds found a familiar - an adorable Russian Blue named Jingler. <3

Locate a Thing

Geoffrey Diamonds cast Locate Object on Reta's magic dog-slicer, which we suspect is in the hands of the Goblin King. We tracked Ulbrectus to a part of the Fortress that we've never been to before… but then there were a bunch of wraiths and giant bats on the only path we knew and we decided to GTFO of there and look for another way. Until we also realized that he is likely in cahoots with some barghests that we fought (and lost) a while ago. We gave up and headed elsewhere.


We went to the Arena to collect the statue of Morgan Morris and a somewhat decaying basilisk corpse, which no one wanted to touch surprisingly. We checked a couple more rooms, and found an awesome chest, which turned out to be covered poison because of course it was and several men-at-arms succumbed to it's deadly caress. We hauled that chest out of there though because hey, it's sweet chest that kills things (and it seemed easier than unloading all the coins and figuring out how to get them through a moondoor). Some people carried the poison chest through the moon gate, and Geoffrey Diamonds zoomed through on his hoverbook before others in the party attempted to move the statue, and when they did, those touching it were struck by lightening and Billbuket Embercrotch had his insides cooked.

Here, Have a Thing

Having recovered the statue of this person, we decided to take it to the Enchantress because she loves weird stuff like that (especially statues of former adventurers. While visiting, we learned that the Enchantress had known Morgan Morris, as well as some interesting tidbits about Lonhall politics, and why the Enchantress can't (or at least chose not to) slay DQ. Also Princess tried to get Lucky Sara unstoned, but it didn't work. There was nothing interesting going on though so we headed back to Huge Red.

We don't need no Lawyer

Back in HugeRed, a decision was made to try to get our books back from that stupid lawyer at Jenkins and Co. Except when we knocked on the door, no one answered, and when we tried the window, it was unlatched. And when we checked the bookshelf, all of the books were illusionary, and all of the certificates and degrees in the frames on the wall were illusionary too. So we left and burned their office to the ground.


210 electrum pieces
315 gp
2100 sp
10500 cp
1 Poison Chest (Priceless)
1 Basilisk Corpse (Ew)
1 Statue of Morgan Morris (gifted to the Enchantress)
Silk Slippers (500)
Black opal (1050)
Dagger of electrum with a handle wrapped in basilisk leather (1050)
Decorated leather armor (550)
Fancy Mask (700)

Share: 2042 sp

Monsters Slain

One law office

Xp: none


Some Men@Arms

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