Braynoch's Cliff XXXII: Preparation is Key

The Party

Billbucket Embercrotch
Mumblefluff with Benedictish Frankwich and Jubjub Quartzbomb
Gustav IV: Gustavus Musselmenschen with Gyorrj le Kay the Demon Slayer
John Baelfjord of Ashburnham with Deadgh
Dana the Dwarf with King Reta Bigbad
Shambala Malalala
Hayzeus The Meek with Bob

Oh, you heard about that thing last week?

There were some consequences in town to our unsolicited assault on the Holy Order that holds demons in the awful dungeon beneath Huge Red. But mostly, it is ok. President Mumble went to town and found the Captain of the Militia was inclined to hear our story and happy that some Real Heroes were looking after things now. The Dockhands and the Chamber of Commerce were lukewarm, and the Lizard Cult, which had set up shop in the Lawyer's office, did not like us.

A Tiny, squeaky sneeze, in an impossibly high register, is heard

An invisible Silent X broke into the Lizard Cult's law office to get back those books stolen by Ser Cleve's lawyer two weeks ago. Some articling students were still up patrolling the library, but the creepy little halfling managed to recover all but one lost books, leaving behind only a broken window latch and the pleasant aroma of cookies.


Inga Dickpuncher got into a drunken brawl and was thrown in jail. There she will languish until a fine bribe of 500 gp is paid.

Emissaries of Team Newbie and President Mumblefluff

We sent some people to check how Huge Red and other places in Lonhall feel about us. Some places hate us more than others.

  • Mumblefluff visited the leaders of the local militia and impresed them with his commitment to upholding law and order.
  • Bullbucket had a poor reaction from the dockworkers. They hate us and blame us for the arrival of the ghost ship.
  • Cordelia spoke with some members local chamber of commerce and achieved a neutral reaction. They mostly believe our story but they don't entirely trust us.
  • Sir Something went west to Redster Keep, hoping to spread the good news of our success. Unfortunately a different version of the story got there first. Sir Something attempted to use a magic charm to change the mind of the local lord but was captured. Perhaps we will have to mount a rescue operation. Redster Keep is mustering an army.
  • Silent X was carried by cadfan to the Enchantress' tower, where he achieved a favourable reaction. The Enchantress is on our side at least and may step in to prevent Thornell from marching to war (against us). Maybe.
  • Cordelia rode on a fast horse to Manorladder and brought first news of our coup. She achieved a favourable reaction from the local lord. They believe our story and are not going to intervene.

Off With Its Heads

We prepared carefully. 16 spells were cast prior to even encountering any monsters. Baelfjord cast lightening bolt through a moongate and which announced our arrival to the whole dungeon, and then we all rushed into a room full of gargoyles. Oh, and a fire-breathing hydra.

Xyraxengenous, your easy life of receiving the worship of the lizard cult has made you lazy and weak. Leave now for the depths and never return. - slap - Gustav IV: Gustavus Musselmenschen

Team work and all the spells

Team Thunder Strike Team, Team Thunder, and Team Silent Scope Hope made short work of the Hydra because it was basically incapable of harming anyone. The gargoyles ate some hirelings and annoyed some people, and after we won the fight Shambalamama and Jub-Jub made their saves against death.

A Horse, of course?

We blasted a hole in the floor with our lightning bolt, and a bunch of the Hydra's Treasure fell down. We sent Reta to recover it, because goblins like getting coins out of dark holes. But some kind of creepy horse feet came by and Reta had to hide underwater. Luckily Reta has a really high Stealth Ability (wtf is stealth ability?) and the thing went by, stopping to barf some kind of disgusting poison in the water. Reta escaped and we moon-gated back to town with all the treasure and no clue what the hoofed beast actually was.

Monsters Slain

  • 1 Pyrohydra (1300 xp)
  • 17 gargoyles (400 per = 6800 xp)

Full share: 600 xp
Half share: 300 xp


Some coins and gems and stuff
A fine cloak
A single silver chime

Treasure share: 3082 sp


Not Ethelcrumb
Annlilabh, woman at arms in service of Musselmenschen

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