Braynoch's Cliff XXXI: So Long, Calnicans

The Party

John Baelfjord of Ashburnham with Deagh
Benedictish Frankwich with Mumblefluff and Silent X
Billbucket Embercrotch with Inga Dickpuncher
Dana with Reta Bigbad
Gustav IV: Gustavus Musselmenschen with Gyorrj le Kay the Demon Slayer and Cordelia


Most of us went carousing. Some of us got black-out drunk. Gyorrj almost got a tattoo of the DQ, but instead got a tattoo of his arch-nemesis, Fussili Gyorrj who is most definitely made out of pasta. Princess and Reta were unlucky at the casino.

The most exciting thing by far that happened was Musselmenschen got into trouble with the Calnicans and they took away all his stuff. So we tried to get it back, but they weren't very helpful. Mumble sweet-talked one of the guards into getting someone who we could talk to about this whole thing; when he left, we put to sleep the remaining guards and made it look like they'd enjoyed too much whiskey. Baelfjord called lightening down onto the castle courtyard, killing pretty much everyone within. We then proceeded to ransack the Calnican's castle, easily cutting through half of their ranked members with nary a scratch on anyone. We put the hurt on Orm, and were about to finish him when he plane shifted and ran away like a wuss.

We then struggled to figure out how to get a 400lb stone statue to somewhere safe where it wouldn't immediately be targeted and burned to the ground - we managed to get it onto the ship. We then went back and claimed the castle for ourselves. We'll see how that goes next week. I'm sure this whole thing will have absolutely zero negative consequences at all in the future.



Monsters Calnicans Slain

A crap load


A giant granite statue of a knight
Decorated leather
A fine monks habit
Some coins
Some gems

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