Braynoch's Cliff XXX: The trial of a sinner.

With the return of Ser Cleve, the Order of the tower on Braynoch's Cliffs demands proof that he acted bewitched by the demons below, and that he is free from their influence now. Sister Norrell, the witch-hunter, shall question him at trial—this is the decree of Orm, their leader.

What could possibly go wrong?

The Party

John Baelfjord of Ashburnham with Deagh
Benedictish Frankwich with President Mumble and Silent X
Billbucket Embercrotch with Inga Dickpuncher
Dana with Reta Bigbad
Geoffrey Diamonds with Hashtag Goku
hayzeus-the-meek with Bob
Princess with her wardog, Moustache
"Ser Cleve"
Shambala Malalala with Sir Something


Reta Bigbad got into some trouble while blackout drunk. She was beaten up by a gang of rival goblins, who promptly stole all of her stuff including a magic dog slicer that is really good at killing horses and centaurs and a magic chime the function of which we have no concept of.

The Charges

Cleve gets rescued from the clutches of an unfair trial, and Sister Norrell is found to be not what she seems. Orm is charmed and gives the keys to the city to the anti-death club a private society of concerned and active citizens. He offered to release Cleve into our custody on the strength of our recognizance and his faith in us. We wisely made him stand trial because we did not trust Cleve even before what happened later.

Geoffrey Diamonds hired a lawyer on behalf of Ser Cleve, who promptly fired him and hired Mr. John Baelfjord, Esquire, as his representation instead. Cleve was charged with a bunch of heinous and some ludicrous crimes by the Calnicans:
2. That he dug the tunnel and collapsed the orphanage, just for funsies
3. That he did willingly consort with demons
4. That he takes the form of a bat at will and speaks to animals to get them to do his bidding
7. That he has harassed the Danish people of HugeRed and turned their Embassy into a brothel
8. That he consorted to free the Queen of Demons
12. That he is too sexy for his hat

The Trial

TG Baeljford (esq.) used a classic three pronged argument - 1. These charges are stupid (and implicitly so are you, Judges) 2. A wizard did it (low-fantasy medieval Europe's equivalent to "Not Criminally Responsible" or "insanity") 3. Character evidence that Ser Celeve is an alright guy (for a thieving wizard jerk). The judges bought the second argument, but the other two were "clearly" ridiculous.

"Cleve" confessed to some of the things he was charged with, but denied others, and told the Judges some members of the party were jerks. Baelfjord made closing statements, and then the courtroom/chapel was plunged into magical darkness.


Dana and Hayzeus noticed something weird using Gems of True Seeing. Turns out the Ser Cleve that we rescued wasn't really Ser Cleve at all, but a succubus in Cleve's clothing. She charmed a bunch of people. Hashtag Goku was charmed by the Succubus while Benedictish saved against it; they beat each other up. Even though we saved everyone from a stupid demon, the Calnican's were upset because their chapel was destroyed and took away Benedictish's Head Decorator title; Benedict said screw those guys and stormed out, making sure to smash the finest table on his way out. Guess we'll have to find a new way into the dungeon.


A garnet (134 sp)
A fancy hat (700 sp)
A gold belt buckle (200 sp?)
Fine boots (magic)

A treasure share is worth 115 sp.


1 Not Ser Cleve x 1100 xp
13 Innocent Bystanders*

Full share: 73
Half share: 37
*XP for the innocents goes to Ser Cleve even though Princess and Baelfjord did all the work.


The Easy Way Into the Dungeon
Several months

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