Braynoch's Cliff XXIX: Operation Knockdown

The Party

Bill Bucket with Inga Dickpuncher
Dana with Reta Bigbad
President Mumblefluff with Benedictish Frankwich and Silent X
Shambala Malalala
Willy the Whizherd
Bob with Fuckslayer and Hayzeus the Meek
Geoffrey Diamonds with Hashtag Goku
John Baelfjord with Deagh and Buck Swanson 420
A comical amount of hirelings for so few people to have

Fuck off, Giants

We don't like you

Back to the Dungeon

Back in Huge Red, Geoffrey Diamonds hired a lawyer and Baelfjord was elected to be a scrutineer for an upcoming election (Vote Mumblefluff for Councillor in this year of our lord Fascinus, 001!). The brilliant tactical thinkers Baelfjord, 420, #Goku and Geoffrey Diamonds met deep within a secluded, secret location to discuss how to best finish the dungeon quickly. Here, Operation Knockdown was born, and we moongated into the dungeon upon the level formerly known as "The fortFartress" but now known as "Degrassi". We came across two cool warrior ladies (Valkyries named Panopae and Ernthra or something) holding a giant chicken on a chain. They do not know if it lays giant eggs. This needs further investigation.

After browsing the dungeon a little bit, Silent X came upon six great, sleeping serpents, as mentioned in Jebjik's confessions, the great creatures that apparently have the best treasure in the whole dungeon.

Ghost Squad

Advanced through the dungeon ahead of Team Futabu to gather intel and to get on the other side of a one-way door. There they found the ghost of another Calnican, but Baelfjord easily smacked it down. They found a large group of people chilling around a candle, and with that information, Operation Knockdown went into effect: Kill Cleve at all costs.


While invisible, we were to open upon the group with ranged attacks and then, using gate of the moon, have fighters swarm in a pincer attack. Bill Bucket's powerful sleep spell took care of everyone except for Ser Cleve the Thief and his friend, and we set upon them. After a few rounds, Hayzeus the Meek used a powerful new spell to entomb Ser Cleve into burning ice, killing him in one shot, and Baelfjord and Benedictish easily defeated his demon friend.

We freed all the clerics and torchbearers that were held prisoner there, retrieved and revived Cleve, and left without any consequences at all. Not a single bit.

Next Week

Complete the trial of Ser Cleve, with Chieve Judicial Officer John Baelfjord presiding over it. Kill those serpents, get the loot! Maybe we can poison giant eggs from the huge bird and feed it to them. Ghost Squad also found a cool place we should try to get to to get treasure from too. Last, we also got a dog that was bred and trained to hunt down goblins, so we could get Olbrectus sometime, too.


Share: It isn't about the treasure, carl

(we didn't get anything worth money)


5 demon baby centipede things @600 per
1 Demon with cloven hooves, the body of a gorilla, and the face of Ron Paul worth @2000
1 Ghost Spectre @ 1000

XP was split halfway through the night (half share/full share):

  • 100/200 XP If you left after the Quasits/Centipede things
  • An additional 207/413 XP for everyone else.



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