Return to Braynoch's Cliff

Kazekish the Undying is no more—his death, trapped within an Emerald Egg and hidden within a duck inside a fox inside a chest buried on a magic island guarded by wolves, finally caught up with him and shattered upon his forehead.

This week, we return to The Quest for The Lizard Queen, who haunts Lonhall still. What news of the demons ‘neath Braynoch’s Cliffs, war-angels and lizard-folk? What of Ser Cleve the Sharper, bewitched? What of the troubled Pandocar Order and their rift with the Darciscans?

The Party

Mumblefluff with Benedictish Frankwich, and Silent X
Armand Hammer
Princess with Odis
Gustav IV: Gustavus Musselmenschen with Gyorrj le Kay the Demon Slayer
Geoffrey Diamonds with Hashtag Goku
The Gazpacho
Billamble (?)

Love is in the air

Mumblefluff and Hashtag Goku had Gyorrj le Kay the Demon Slayer and Dana the Dwarf create for them two rings to use to ask for the hands of Kazeckish's daughters in marriage. Nothing says "Fuck you!" to a villain more than marrying his daughters. Both elf maidens were intrigued, but asked the heroes to complete a quest for them. Mumble's quest is to get the Sapphire Quiver from a lieutenant of Bjorn Fel Heart. Hashtag was asked to retrieve The Holy Horn from the moon, where it is said to be guarded by servants of the North Wind.

When I look back on the instagram of my life, Mergyl, I don't want it to have been a selfie. Gosh darn it, what I mean to say is, will you be my space bride? (Holds up compad with super cute picture drawn in future MSpaint)

A person who drunkenly insulted Mayor Don, Son of Ivy barely made it out of town alive. Gustav IV: Gustavus Musselmenschen tried to cast a spell on the creepy little doll we have of the mayor, but he made his save :( We set off to Huge Red, ignoring possibly a few people in distress down below while flying.

Home is where the dungeon is

We set down into Huge Red and immediately made for the dungeon. There, we travelled to a small area that perplexed us before, overtaking a party of goblins licking salty rocks like weirdos. Once we made it to the weird stairwell, with the extra help of a bunch of elves and dwarves we managed to open up a secret door that took us to a few new areas, where we fought a bunch of lizardfolk, pixies, and spiders. Poor Adis got stuck into a giant urn to recover safely while the party left him behind, Benedictish got caught in a web, and Geoffrey Diamonds wasn't invisible but thought he was enough to not be seen.

A last minute locate object spell found a chest that had been neglected on the first floor. Going there, we fought a bunch of ghouls and a few lizardmen, obtaining a huge pile of treasure that included a magical golden arrow, which the party will need specifically for the coming battles.

Next Game

Strange talk of a mine and a menagerie circulates in hushed whispers between the secretively ambitious members of the party. The homes in Huge Red will need to roll to see what happens to them/has happened in the absence of the party, and the first reviews of Bobs-Little-Book-of-Learning come out. Strategy regarding the dungeon will be talked with Orm, the leader of the Calnicans. Otherwise, we again delve into the dungeon, map things out, and kill all the things!


  • a magic gold arrow
  • 1 potion
  • ornate jar worth 100
  • silver sword worth 100
  • ring worth 100
  • silver ingot worth 71
  • basin worth 100
  • rug worth 100
  • 1 diopside and 1 amethyst worth 100 each
  • armband worth 200
  • necklace worth 300
  • peridot and zoisite worth 300 each (Dana, both)
  • necklace of prayer beads worth 200
  • 600 sp, 60 ep, 10 gp, 20 cp

each share of the loot was worth 343 sp

Things We Killed Real Good

  • 13 Goblins@ 15 exp
  • 21? Lizardfolk@
  • 1 Pixies @ 240
  • 1 Spider @ 240
  • 6 Ghouls @

156 for a full share



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