Into the Woods 3: The terrors of fantasy 19th century Russia


The Forests of Borland are a dangerous and uncertain place. Among the thick trees so near to the edge, no sky-trees have yet been found, despite struggles against great cat-beasts and forest wyrms. The Cleric John Baelfjord believes too that members of the company are cursed by the wolves they battled two weeks ago under the full moon—but this week the moon is new, and the night is darker than ever.

The Party

Silent X with Benedictish Frankwich
Ser Cleve the Thief with Raddoh the Aviator
Blint The Arbiter with Vax
Tippa The Elf
Osifer Ambush
Killgore II with Aruhman
John Baelfjord of Ashburnham

Into the Woods

The party continued in search of a tree to build Raddoh's air ship.

On the south branch of the river there is a lake. On the south shore of the lake are tall trees. The eye trees move their tallest trees around


Near an empty camp (presumably a camp belonging to the swans) why do they have campfires and tents if they are swans We encountered Andras the huntsman. He didn't trust us but soon went on his way. We arrived at a lake not the lake we were looking for and Blint The Arbiter was charmed by a water spirit and went under the waves. Ser Cleve could have had a chance to save him but didn't understand the threat until it was too late.

Apparently water spirits always take their chosen favourites underwater for a year and a day. We'll have to come back then in order to find out if he had a good time.

Despondent we trudged on in to the frozen woods. We came upon a group of hunters led by one Baelent. We didn't trust them either. In the night were were attacked by the ogre Vass and then by the same hunters in werewolf form. Ser Cleve cast a rare attack spell and was immediately bitten when the party fighters refused to close ranks.

The next morning we discovered we had gone to the wrong lake and set off following the river once more. There we found a cabin occupied by Granny Pukehead, Goody Nightshade Roach, and their dog of wolves. I mean a dog actually made of wolves sewn together, like each leg was a wolf, the body was a wolf, and so on. Granny Pukehead attacked with here sewing thread and their magic was terrifying but we survived.


Blint The Arbiter

Monsters Slain

5 werewolves
7 normal wolves
Vass the ogre
Granny Pukhead
Goody Nightshade Roach
1 dog of wolfs


638 gp, 2125 sp
1 magic scroll
1 star ruby, 1 topaz, 1 alexandrite, 1 odecalite, 1 garnet, 1 bloodstone, 1 coral, 1 hematite
0 trees that touch the sky

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