Into the Woods 1


After Sigrid’s fall in ritual combat with the village’s gladiatorial champion, our party is welcomed to the celebration for the coming of spring—which is sure to be soon with such a blood sacrifice. Unless of course, the emissaries of foreign faith are among us even now plotting to undo the Fighter’s death—then surely the village’s trust in the Sunbringers would be broken.
The Poetess’ instructions were to head further North before finding the Dark Castle of the woods somewhere to the East—and to do battle with its inhabitants, Lady Felicia of the Island and the Fallen Lord Gyorgy. She suggested that then finding a tree suitable for the finest ship of the North would be easy. Already though, some among the group seem uncertain about this plan.

The party

Killgore II with Ahruman
Silent X with Benedictish Frankwich
Ser Cleve the Thief with Raddoh the Aviator
Osifer Ambush
John Baelfjord of Ashburnham
Blint The Arbiter with Vax

Getting ready

Some people caroused, celebrading the early spring and mourning the death of brave Sigrid. Corkum spoke with the priestesses and learned some things about the temple, but was not allowed into the sacred grounds beneath. Ser Cleve the Thief desired to read the books and decipher the wisdom contained therein and so devised a strategy.

The temple

Taking the face of priestess Doratea Cleve walked right in to the temple, past priestess Illana and down into the sacred grounds where he came face to face with his double who was holding the talking, severed head of Sigrid. Meanwhile Osifer and Asdis were arranging a diversion that didn't work so well until Killgore II and town champion Sarachenkha became involved Corkum planned to profit by taking bets on the outcome of the duel. This enabled Silent X and Ahruman to sneak in to the library. Ahruman's efforts to rob the place were frustrated for the time being.

Highlights of the fight include:

"Sigrid, which one of these is false!"
"If you've only got two books in the library, you don't chain them both to the same pedestal do you."

Killgore winning his duel in dramatic fashion.
Silent X ambushing Illana, twice.
Baelfjord obliterating a pack of skeletons as they emerged from the temple and then banishing Doratea directly to hell.
Ser Cleve read the writing on the sanctuary walls and immediately became delusional.
Corkum picked up the priestesses' enchanted thirsty Bloodmace and became chaotic himself.

Part 2

Having rid the town of the chaos cult we planned to continue our quest. Baelfjord spoke with the Hanged god and learned some things:

"You will know the tree because it is very tall and they are also jealously guarded. If you find the eye trees they will know."

The party set out into the forest and were ambushed by some bandits who inflicted cruel injuries on the party with their bows. Cleve turned Blint into a dragon in an attempt to win the fight more quickly. Blint attempted to eat Corkum but was stopped just in time.

Black dragons: 50% larger than the next largest dragon.

Continuing into the forest they began their search for the tall trees but didn't find them. Some wolves attacked at night causing more grevious injuries and striking down Asdis and Osifer before they were driven off. Osifer recovered with medical care. Some people's wounds may still be infected by the curse of the wolf.

Monsters Slain

Illana the priestesss
Doratea the priestess (banished to hell)
12 skeletons
10 snakes
37 bandits
2 bandit leaders
1 bandit captain
10 wolves


Cleve's sanity
Asdis (raised)
Vax's wife
Corkum was turned to Chaos
see Werewolf


1 suit of magical leather armour
1 magical mace
1 potion of giant strength
3500 cp
1750 sp
105 gp
1 alexandrite
1 garnet
1 eye agate
book: "uses for titration…"
book: "analyzing…"

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