2014 Game 6: A classic dungeon crawl


With our great heroes off on their voyage—a ten-day trip to the shores of Borland—this Monday we’ll enjoy a classic level-one dungeon crawl just like old-times. Could be a good day for newcomers—or to start a henchperson for your seafaring character.

In the darkest dungeon, under the ruined church North of Sſtabhmontown, rumours have it that men have dug new tunnels at a prodigious speed. Could they have been using the Magic Shovel that Blint the Nameless (who needs no introduction) lost long ago in a gambling binge? This winter, adventurers escaping from these new passages (unmarked on the Library maps) heard the sound of hundreds trumpets echoing down the corridors as their companions who had gone ahead were lost to some terrible fate.

The Party

Finn the Lesser
Gravar Bathor
Don Ray Gu
Little Sharksey D'oysters

The Adventure

We walked north from Sftabhmontown and met some dwarfs. They have a camp 4 levels below the earth. We arrived at the ruined church on the clifftop.
Rats! We attempted a strategem with oil. Finn fell. Sharksey's shield was split. Lendersooth perished. Gravar went down. Alminae went down. I don't our stratagem worked very well.


Folk mayor Savinus
Captain Mervin Slaughterton
Jubjub Quartzbomb

Into the Dungeon

We did not step on the 13th step. We found a backpack containing some other adventurer's former posessions. We made our way into tunnels some of the players had visited long ago with different characters. We slew some zombies without further loss but they didn't have any treasure except for manacles.
We found a catch under an altar in a room that opened to a shaft leading down. We lowered the halfling down to see what might be found. He found a spider.
Spider! Goblins! Sleep spell!
Don Ray went down
Naris, Sharksey's man at arms died.
Sharksey fell soon after.
Papyrus went down.



We slew some centipedes that Flash and Eyebefory found as they joined the party. Then we started to look for a way out. Eyebefory thought hey this would be a great chance to lead the party on some exploration. But then Yurang the betrayer showed up.


Don Ray Gu
Naris the man-at-arms
Eyebefory (drained)

Monsters slain

10 rats
4 zombies
10 rats
10 goblins
1 giant spider
5 centipedes


6 rations
notebook with ink pens
5 torches
50 feet of rope
32 cp
copper tooth
rose quartz
560 cp
610 sp
63 gp
light crossbow
7 bolts
leather armour

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