2014 Game 5: As Blackthorns bloom at Imbolc


The Party

Ser Cleve the Thief with Raddoh the Aviator
K Kris with a K
Silent X with Benedictish Frankwich
Blint The Arbiter with Vax
Killgore II with Ahriman
John Baelfjord of Ashburnham

On the High Seas!

We sailed with Asdis and then Killgore pushing. We cut across a bay, got lost, recovered our way, and made it to the land of Lonhall where it rains blood. We didn't see the blood rain, we only heard stories.
Some people got lured away in the night by mysterious lights that looked like they were little doors and windows in the hillside. We rescued them.

Hydgahrd and Brannoch's Cliff

We reached the towns of Hydgahrd and Brannoch's Cliff. Raddoh the Aviator made a bad investment and lost all his money.

This land has need of heroes such as yourselves. Maybe your quest to Borland was to bring you here. There are terrible elves in these lands they bring the blood rains

The town of Manorladder

To reach Borland, sail east here and follow the south coast of the peninsula you will find. Take the North canal from Manorladder.

Cleve got initiated into the cult of the lizard queen. The lizard queen is the true queen of Lonhall and the blood will rain until she returns to her throne.


We arrived at the town of Tin in Borland. To reach the forest we have to travel south. Rastew is on the peninsula near to the thickest part of the forest. Oktusk is inland north of the forest. Kadinsk is east of Rastew (inland). Further east is Sala. Further east still are Melitopal and Polata.
There were massive celebrations for Killgore going up a level. Cleve got wasted and wound up in jail—he escaped by turning himself into a snake. Now he is wanted for witchcraft. Bendict has a close call with the actual witch of the mountains but didn't get turned into a pig. Vax went on a gambling binge. Baelfjord got a new tattoo.
We quit town in a hurry and sailed south past a blue abbey.
We met Yalena the poet, one of the famous nine poets. She is famous for her beauty and her insults. I don't have the whole thing here but maybe someone else can fill it in:

A simple insult striking deep
Effigy of the harvest gods
The lands greatest beauty
Sister to the deer

Yalena dislikes the great tree or something connected to it.

Go into the woods and take them. I will tell you where their castle is. Go to the castle and take it by force.
Not far from the road into this town, east of the road, there is a lake. The woman of that tower is Filija.

Yalena desires Filisha's beloved the dead king of the woods.

Georgi was wounded and driven into the woods with a great curse on his head by the witch of Serkukaph, stepsister of the three princesses.
Now he lairs in the thick of the woods on the lake by the old cold rock. By the yew tree there he is bound to the woods and turned from his holy path. He cannot leave the woods. His curse is weakest the moment the sun rises

We were given some directions

30 leagues north along the road, leave the road across the plains to the lake. Alternatively, go up the river.

We set out north up the road.


This tiny village has a temple to a nameless forest deity represented by a mathematical formula that makes sense only to the blessed. There is a library and a gladiatorial school here (!)
Sigrid challenged the town champion and lost. (ouch)



Monsters Slain




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