Elfland - Week IV

That king of elves, Kazekish, has claimed many lives. Since first our party met him in his damp lair, searching for word of the Great Lantern made by bog-elves and stolen by giants, a memory that now only survives in tales never told by Silent X, the Undying lord has returned again and again. But now, we have returned to him.

In his lair now lie the bodies of The Dudestrom, Poog of Zarongel, Nuadine the Elf, Barrister Kryptonite, Crumplestuffs, Merideth Westfire, Ruddy Flynn, Summer the War-dog, and Rufus the Marvelous—but Kazekish himself, cleft in twain by the Feeder of Crows in the hands of Benedictish Frankwich, will surely return ‘fore long, unless the trail is swiftly followed: West, about two miles hence, the elf-daughter Ewa in the form of a falcon told that a Fox looked after his Death, indeed a great emerald. The Rigid King is missing two books of spells, a green-gold finger-ring and a ring of keys, and many hench-folk; perhaps that weakness will offer enough time that he may be destroyed forever.

But how many weeks can Benedictish and Baelfjord spend here in elf-country? Their Geas calls them back East over the seas…

The Party

Benedictish Frankwich with Silent X and Jubjub
Dana the Dwarf with Reta Bigbad
Raddoh the Aviator with Gustav Musselmenschen, Gyorrj le Kay the Demon Slayer, and DNK
(And a bunch of hired help)

The Fox's Den

Unable to free her princess, the elf Nehumara Cowtail joined us on our quest for the emerald that binds Kazekish to the mortal realm, under the terms that she never have to face Special K directly. Having learned previously that the long sought-after phylactery was in the safe keeping of the Fox, the party decided to investigate.

The "Fox" turned out to be a lady, who also happened to be a nymph. She was so pretty that nearly all of the men that looked at her were charmed by her radiant beauty or something. Raddoh tried to make a deal with her and ended up charmed, but Musselmenschen was able to break the charm on Raddoh with a slaptastic slap, and Raddoh tried to threaten her into helping us. That didn't work, and Dana rushed in recklessly to the lady in distress and ended up getting charmed himself. Dana and Raddoh also got into a scuffle, as Raddoh tried to rifle through the lady's things. Raddoh pulled out his darkness coin, and the Fox was able to escape her burrow through a secret escape passage, with tracks leading into the woods.

After she was gone, there was ample time to sack her place, and some nice jewels and a pair of earrings were found. Princess started a creepy doll collection that included an eerie likeness of the Mayor of Sſtabhmontown. In their rush to track down the Fox, they forgot to take the rug. Probably for the best - it really tied the room together, man. The Charmed remained behind.

The Fox's Flight

The party tracked the Fox to the lair of Kazekish's Lion Line Cooks. In exchange for some of Silent X's Excellent Cookies, the "cooks" mentioned that the Fox came here for help, but they would not give any so she had continued on elsewhere. Thinking she sought refuge at the Wolves' Den known to be in that direction, the party traveled on. They did not find her there (turns out Foxes and Wolves don't get along), but made a deal for information in exchange money1] and ridding the woods of the Ravens to the Northwest and South East. The wolves mentioned that Rose had been looking after a duck and had put it in her husband's care, but it was just too tempting and her husband had eaten it. Sadly, he too was eaten a few months ago by a great North Wolf, Rickard Vickardson, who came from the West.

A needle in an egg in a duck in a fox in a box with a wolf in a den 'neath a tree on an island in a lake on an island with a church with a dragon by a river where they're draining the sea.

The Ravens

We went to see the Ravens in the Northwest. Thanks to Benedictish' sweet rhymes, the Ravens turned out to be very helpful and told where to find the needle in the duck in a fox in a box… Kazekish's Death:

Armed with this useful information, a deal was struck with Rose2: they would go forth and seek the Phylactery, formerly held by Rose's husband, and if possible return her husband to her. In exchange, Rose instructed those who were Charmed to assist, with an unspoken promise to lift the Charm if her husband returned.3


6 Creepy Dolls
Pearl necklace
Pair of jewel earrings
Some gems and coins and stuff



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