That Time the Halflings Really Messed Up Reality

Our party has a plan: money has been set aside for a return voyage to Huge Red aboard the Gazpacho, before Bælfjord wastes away for leaving aside his Quest. But there is to be a stopover in the bogs, Northeast of Sſtabhmontown, where dwells the Elf-king called Kazekish. It is hoped that a captive fairy, stolen from the twisted watchtower Stanswing, overlooking elf-town Aberzel, might discover for us a way in: a password or another method. And then, to rescue friend Mumblefluff and take a toll from the The Rigid King.

The Party

benadictish-frankwich w/ Silent X, crumplestuffs, and poog
Bob w/ Fuckslayer
The Dudestrom
Geoffrey Diamonds w/ Hashtag Goku and Ralfh
Gertrude the Monstrous
Merideth Westfire
Raddoh the Aviator w/ Gustav Musselmansion, Barrister Kryptonite, Gyorrj le Kay the Demon Slayer and Nuadine the Elf
Ruddy Flynn w/ Summer the Wardog and King Reta Bigbad
Rufus the Marvellous

The Intel

After defeating Annon the Sylph and her elven compatriots, the party interrogated them to gain valuable intel about the Rigid King and his lair. Annon told us that Kazekish's daughters, held captive, have been bewitched to have the forms of animals (a falcon, a housecat, and a frog) and that he lives with his chef, Manny, and Sous chef. Lastly, we learned that one of the guest bedrooms had been turned into a stone cell, with a huge stone door.

We did encounter one of K's daughters, in the shape of a falcon.

"What are you talking about, I've always been a bird"
- Kazekish's daughter Euwa

G.I. Gertrude

Upon entering the hall of Kazeckish and defeating a handful of probably not real elves, we began to get our bearings and Silent X was able to produce an old map, showing where there was uncharted territory. A flicker of light from many torches led to the most wonderful plan: build the first IED that Elf Land has ever seen. Using one of Hashtag Goku's grenades, Gertrude the dorf set up a tripline in the hallway we saw the torch light down, and we went on to explore elsewhere so our back was covered.

We heard it explode from far away at one point and it was rad as hell.

So We Meet Again

Finally, the party stumbled down the stairs into a great room filled with trees and a dog made of mist. Tefrara was directed to burn down the forest while the party retreated to be safe from the smoke. She battled the frost dog and lost.

Bob used his halfling power to reverse reality within his vision, which really screwed everyone up. Benedictish, having travelled through the area of Bob's reversal, didn't feel so hot when he came out the otherside and made a mess on Kazekish. Ruddy Flynn "renovated" Special K's lair. Several people fell to K's powerful spells before Benedict was able to slice his mortal form in twain. We'll see how long that lasts…

We were just barely able to fight our way through the guard elves to get back to the surface, and everyone learned a valuable lesson.


400 Electrum pieces
900 silver pieces
5 Silver Table Settings (valued 25 silver pieces per)
A ring cut from Kazekish's finger, in green gold with a leafy pattern.
A Ring of Keys: a Key of Iron, a Key of Stone, a Key of Wood, and a Key of Gold.
4 Spell Books:
  • Determining the Unusual Ancient Spirit of Pyromancy Magic
  • Israfil
  • First Book of Kazekish
  • Second Book of Kazekish


Tefrara the Efreet
The Dudestrom
Nuadine the Elf
Barrister Kryptonite
Merideth Westfire
Ruddy Flynn and Summer
Rufus the Marvelous

Monsters Defeated

1 Incarnation of Kazekish (this isn't over)
1 Evan the Centaur, Poet of Horses (240 XP)
22 Elves (30 XP per)
1 Elf commander (120 XP)
Arach the Leprechaun (240 XP)
1 Frost Dog (1700 XP)
1 Stone Giant (1400 XP)

Determining the Unusual Ancient Spirit of Pyromancy Magic

A semi-circular book bound with Boar Fur, with a strange circular sigil upon it's cover.


A semi-circular book with a hinged cover of silver.

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