Elf town!

Siridian, hench-elf of Kazekish the Immortal, is slain.

Scouring his dwelling among tree-roots, the party finds some gold, and from the elves gathered a little information: that Mumblefluff, our lost friend, visited here in the summer, and Siridean told him to seek his prize in the hall of Caird, under the hill a few steps North: the sharpest sword. Meanwhile, Nehumara cow-tail offers a deal: mutual aid getting in and out of the lair of the undying elf-king. What she wants there she still keeps close to her chest.

The Party

The Challenge

Raddoh the Aviator came out of retirement to honour his obligation to Mumblefluff. Kerd the horned, mayor of elf town, in his voice of horn bellows and timpanis, refused to aid Raddoh so they fought a duel. Kerd went to his death without spilling his secrets. The party fought two Invisible Stalkers tasked with keeping Kerd in line - no wonder he wouldn't talk when he was alive. Hashtag Goku was granted the truly remarkable magic sword that Kerd guarded - the Cleaver of Pestilence, Etu Barrash.

The Dungeon

We didn't need to go through the dungeon but some people wanted to explore it anyway. They got lost but eventually managed to make it out despite spinny floors and sleepy mist.


Nehumara the elf agreed to help us reach Kazekish's lair, where he keeps his most special prisoners. Kazekish had three princess daughters, each more beautiful than the last. She desired to marry Lowena the third daughter, freeing her.

You need to know the password. The door will close behind you

The tower

We traveled to a tower on the border of elf-land where Special K had kept Ohelana prisoner for some time, in case Mumblefluff was held in the same place. There was a fight. A lot of elves were put to sleep. The sylph Annon summoned an air elemental that swept the deck of The Gazpacho clean of low-level characters and went to blows with Tefrara the efreet. Eventually Annon was captured, thanks to teamwork!

At the bottom of the tower there was an iron trapdoor with no handle and only a keyhole sealing a small prison cell. Ruddy Flynn sent the efreet in to check it out - Mumblefluff was not there, although the air in the cell was heavy with incense.


1 sweet magic sword
200 gp
garnet ring
1600 cp
815 sp
48 gp



Monsters Slain Defeated

2 invisible stalkers
22 Elves
Dara (prisoner)
Llwyllen (prisoner)
Lesurai (prisoner)
Annon (prisoner)

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