2014 Game 4: Return to the Storvoss Coast


Last week, after failing to discover the whereabouts of Mumblefluff, our heroes crew sailed back to Ardstone, their skeleton crew propelled by Killgore in the form of a great creature of the air. But The Senator’s will to battle the Great Ogre is not broken—a return to those perilous coasts this week seems likely.

The Party

Killgore II with Ahriman
Silent X with Benedictish Frankwich
John Baelfjord of Ashburnham
Ser Cleve the Thief with Raddoh the Aviator

Getting Ready

Lots of people caroused but nothing really bad happened this time. Mumblefluff the elf is still missing and presumed to be having a good time.

The Adventure

The party all got in to their ship The Crimson Dream Weaver and discovered that they still didn't have enough manpower to sail her. So Ser Cleve turned Killgore into a gale force wind and they were gently propelled down the Storvoss Coast at double usual sailing speed until they came upon the landmarks they had identified as leading to the lair of Julio the great ogre.

Killgore did some reconnaisance in his air elemental form and the party made plans for an attack.

Killgore scored a hit on Julio by rolling a 3.
Boots the wolf ruined Raddoh's helmet. Now he's mad.
Baelfjord was frustrated due to the difficulty of hitting moving enemies with call lightning while he was standing on the roof of their house.

After the fight nobody wanted to do Raddoh's quest so they all sailed back to Ardstone. Killgore can now get his gauntlets made.



Monsters Slain

6 wargs
Jawbone the giant wolverine
Parchwyn, giantess
Julio the Great Ogre


Gems, coins, jewelry and a pair of magic boots.
The hands of Julio the great ogre.
Each share of the loot was worth 2956 silver pieces

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