Return to Elfland

The Party

Raddoh and The Gazpacho
Crassus Bravebrick the Dwarf
Benedictish Frankwich, with Silent X and Crumplestuff?
Bob with Fuckslayer?
Ruddy Flynn with Summer the Wardog
Gustav IV: Gustavus Musselmenschen with Gyorrj and Nuadine
The Dudestrom
Baelfjord with Deagh

To Mend A Broken Heart

Jerry the dwarf crafted a badass syringe, and Crumplestuffs the elf made a love potion. Benadict injected Geoffrey Diamonds with the love potion, but alas, Geoffrey Diamonds did not save against true love OR heartbreak, and died anyway. Luckily Baelfjord was around to raise him back from the dead. Unluckily, he's now enamoured with Benedict.

Return of the Ghost Ship

We found that awful awesome ghost ship again. Baelfjord tried to parle with their captain in order to get their treasure Baelfjord tried to talk to the captain, and when he turned out to be a dick, he scared him off and tried to steal his treasure. He failed at both, He was met with moderate to limited success on both counts, and a bunch of people aged 10 years. Baelfjord only failed because of faulty intel - not his fault. He didn't age at all, so no biggie. Baelfjord "tried" to "raise" Elmon Lemon's wraith, which slayed him. Baelfjord's use of raise dead to murder a nemesis was rad as hell, and completed his main goal of killing Lemon once and for all. This part of the adventure was a huge success because of this and anyone who argues these facts should find themselves lucky to be raised from the dead in the future.

The "Hidden Valley" and The "Beaver"

The party set off for Stabhmontown again, but got distracted partway there and decided to try to kill kazeckish instead.

This is how you kill a lich. You get a magic boat, and fly up a river to wherever his lair is and you kill him.

We found a crumbling tower and Rosencrantz decided to see if its inhabitants might be able to help us locate Mumblefluff, who is in Elfland which can be entered by the Hidden Valley. Some pretty elf ladies came out, and decided that they liked Rosencrantz and would tell him how to get into their hidden valleys, if you know what I mean. Thankfully, they also gave him the directions to get to the actual Hidden Valley. To get to the Hidden Valley, you come from the south east, cross the stepping stones, go up and around the brock here, east across the river, past the treehouse and over the rapids and then you're there. Its so simple its a wonder we didn't find it by accident.

Then we flew over a giant beaver dam. The Dudestrom cast detect magic and wouldn't you know, there was something magic in it! Ruddy Flynn, Summer, the Dudestrom, and Silent X decided to check it out. Some of the party jumped up and down on the dam; they were not surprised to see a naked elf come out of the water to greet them. His name was Beaver and he was very concerned about fire. Rozencrantz, that smooth-tongued devil, kept Beaver engaged in conversation until the Halfings and the Dudestrom (and Summer) were able to safely escape from the dam with their loot. They found an awesome brass flask, that Ruddy Flynn gave to Gadzooks to open. It turned out to have an Efreet named Tfrara living inside it. She likes fire and agreed to give the opener of the flask 1 year and 1 day's worth of service. Neat!

And then they got lost

We went past a neat treehouse that some people had been to before. Some people went into the forest to look around, but when they tried to go back to the ship discovered they were lost. They tried to summon a familiar using a bronze brassiere, but failed.

In the morning, those on the ship were visited by a curious little lady named Mavis, who liked to collect things (especially ships in bottles), but no deal was struck with her because no one was willing to broker a deal using neither the ship, nor the awesome flask bottle we had found. Anyway, the party was quickly reunited by way of a smoke signal and some other stuff.

Deaths and Whatnot

No one. But also, we're still stuck in Elfland.


A sweet brass flask and a year's supply of Efreet service.

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