This is Halloween (Braynoch's Cliff XVII)

The Party

Benedictish Frankwich and Silent X


Bob with Fuckslayer
Geoffrey Diamonds
Ruddy Flynn with Summer the Wardog
Greyson Blackstone
Gadzooks with Tenacious Dilson
Barrister Kryptonite with Gyorrj le Kay the Demon Slayer and Gustav IV: Gustavus Musselmenschen

The Other Party

The Halloween party was a rousing success. Bjorn Felhart showed up dressed as the Demon Queen! Unfortunately, it wasn't a badass enough party to get us upgraded carousing. Barrister saved Minerva from getting dragged to hell by a vampire detective, Crumplestuffs got married, Bjorn has a saving throw of 4 and dressed in drag as the demon queen, and the squishybabies weren't ever given a chance to be used for their intended purpose.

To Stabhmontown!

For a change of scenery we decided to try something different this week, since it was uniformly decided that the dungeon in Huge Red was getting samey and so we could grab some cool goblin friends we had made. However, the second we left town we were set upon by the ghost ship steered by Elmon Lemon and with the banshee Olana on the prow.

Death and Shit

The Banshee was slain by a few solid hits from the bows of Ruddy Flynn and Minerva; Olana fell from the ship and let out a heartbreaking (literally) apology to Mumblefluff (SPOOKY!) that we somehow heard through a storm, earplugs, ~140 yards of distance, atop a quickly moving flying boat, and all had to save or die. Sadly, Geoffrey Diamonds, Greyson Blackstone, Crumplestuffs, Tenacious Dilson, and Barrister Kryptonite all failed, and had a very short amount of time to live before they died of being heartbroken from the sad elf's bullshit.

Heartbroken friends, it's MC Geoffrey time!
Come and chillax to my Diamond rhymes.

Silent X called out with a rap to Ratanagabsaf, one of the 9 Poets, to come help. Geoffrey tried to raise spirits with a rap and buy people more time/try to cure them of their broken heart. While it didn't work, it did catch the attention of one of the party guests who came to help. Unfortunately, it was too late for Geoffrey, so he was whisked away with Silent X to Elf Land, where time apparently ain't no thang so he has a week to figure out what to do to mend a broken heart.

The remaining people were left to make deals with Fuckslayer who is apparently a little imp bastard, and Ratanganan the poet lady cleric. Tenacious D and Barrister lived, but Greyson failed his save and unfortunately passed away.

In the End

Other than a few beloved characters biting the dust, very little of consequence actually happened. The boat returned to Stabhmontown.

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