Branny's Place (Braynoch's Cliff part 251)

The Party

Benedictish Frankwich (with Silent X)
Bob with Fuckslayer
Geoffrey Diamonds
Ruddy Flynn with Summer the Wardog
Greyson Blackstone
Gadzooks with Tenacious Dilson
Barrister Kryptonite with Gyorrj le Kay the Demon Slayer

A Bigger, Blacker …Dog?

Fuckslayer, Bob's appropriately named weird dog thing, is apparently not a dog at all and can speak if it feels like it. What the ffffffffuck

Bob burned down a bar with a racist name, and Benedict was paid 600 silver to decorate the interior of our tower to prepare for the party on Samhain.

Mazes and Monsters

After a short trip to solve some discrepancies in maps (and killing about 200 giant lizards), we speedily went back down to where we found the two headed snake and began exploring, finding a huge trove of treasure within a secret room and defeating a hellhound to reveal a room with a suspicious pool of water in it. (Note to self, bring a hireling to pay 50 silver to drink from it and see what happens). There was a lot of loot in these two rooms, particularly of note being a pile of radical books beneath a statue (which we're totally going to take and put up in front of a window at the house Rosencrantz built since he's not strong enough to move it by himself). No idea what the pool does, though. There was a basin on one wall too.

Locate Object is a bad spell

Geoffrey cast locate object within the room that has the pool in it, revealing a chest JUST on the other side of the wall, out of reach. The only way to get there was through a secret door to the north and west, which we followed into a small square room with 4 doors. Benedict reached to open the door that lead the closest way to the chest, setting off an alarm and paralyzing him. After a small moment of chaos, the party poured oil and holy water to protect the doors in case anything came through, while other members pried Benedict loose and figured out how to carry him. The alarm was still going, and might still be going when we get back. If it is, then that's okay, those jerks are the ones who have to live with it.


Nobody? Greyson got close a couple of times, he was just having a bad night.


5 books (1 being a spell book)
Lots of money
Lapis Lazuli
Herringbone cape
Fur Cloak
Tapestry (currently hung in our tower waiting to impress everyone so people think we're cool as hell)

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