Braynoch's Cliffs Part XV

XV is french for fifteen

The Party

Benedictish Frankwich (with Silent X)
Geoffrey Diamonds
Ruddy Flynn
Greyson Blackstone
Barrister Kryptonite with Gyorrj le Kay the Demon Slayer

A Bad Decision (or, "Halloween Party!")

Geoffrey invited a nice list of people to come to a very special party at his tower, taking place on Samhain. It is a masquerade party, but nobody is allowed to wear red. Party members can bring a +1! Notable guests include the nine poets, possibly Bjorn Felheart, a pirate, the Danish ambassador, and Orm of Huge Red. If this party is a success, we will be able to upgrade our carousing rolls in order to get more experience out of them, so it's important to make sure we make a great impression. Can anyone play instruments or perform?!

Bob ended up in jail after getting drunk, Greyson got inducted into a Dionysian order after getting drunk and proving himself a party animal. Barrister sadly managed to gamble away all of his riches, but promptly regained even more money with our dungeon raid!

Sweet shit happened

We checked out a couple of places on the higher levels of the dungeon to clear our maps, and decided to go through a hole we never tried before (I tried this once, and it burned for weeks- GZtW) (Gadzoooooks! -GD). Surprise, giant two headed snake! Greyson dropped his dog into the room with the snake to see if it could scout ahead, but it was swallowed hole in mid-air. He was a wimp though and we killed him with such speed and anger that it probably didn't have a chance to even poop itself of fright through its non-existent butthole (seriously where and how does it poop, Adam?)

After that, we came to a room with four flying chump demon baby things that turned invisible and tried to fuck us up, but between the mighty power of having three fighters leveling up to level 4 (Congrats Bob, Greyson and Rosencrantz!), Benedictish and Silent X, and Geoffrey casting a rad new haste spell, we squished their faces in.

We ended it there with a few new levels for our party and a new and interesting place to explore, and ran while hasted out of the dungeon in a blur!


5 Ugly Goblets!
One of these things!
Two heavy iron boots that aren't magic!
A fine longsword with jasper inlay!
A hella big dog! Sorta.


Ol' Roy

Monsters Slain

Two headed snake
4 invisible chump demons
2 chests (FUCK chests -GZtW)
3 giant lizards
1 Ghuwle
3 centipedes
1 flame mephit
1 Shadow

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