Braynoch's Cliffs – XIII

The dungeon awaits. What secrets will we learn this week—what treasures will we recover?
Last week, the party returned to an old site where once lizard-folk swarmed from below causing chaos in their ranks. With a somewhat-considered plan, they brought battle to the cultists, scattering their ranks and slaying most of the reptiles—even though they unexpectedly met crocodiles in a submerged room. However, little gold was recovered.

The Party

Name AKA Class Joined
Greyson Blackstone Blackstone
Demon F**ker
Witch Hunter A Badger, a Faun, and a Frog (or: Fantasy The Wind and the Willows) remove
Geoffrey Diamonds The Author
The Giant Slayer
The Worst Thing to Happen to This Game
Stonelands Regional Best Son Award Winner
Best Friend of Baelfjord
Magic User remove
Benedictish Frankwich The stoic.
The feeder of crows.
The grounded.
Destroyer of the Calnican Order.
Master of interior decorating.
Slayer of monster ™.
The silver Fox.
He who trained with the Amazons.
Fighter. WARRIOR. remove
Silent X The halfling of death,
Enemy of Yams
halfling July 2012 remove
Ruddy Flynn Who Cannot Tell A Lie
The Halfling Sailor
Captain of the Halfing Cavalry
halfling Return to Ardstone part 1: Borland to Lonhall remove
John Baelfjord of Ashburnham The Pale Knight
The Machine of Death
The Iron Fist of Brokr
Woden's Wrath
T.G. Baelfjord
Exorcist September 30th, 2013 remove

John Baelfjord of Ashburnham
Greyson Blackstone (and almost twinkles)
Geoffrey Diamonds
Ruddy Flynn with Summer the Wardog
benedictish-frakwich with Silent X
And Others

Housing & Wedding Bells

Baelfjord built a tower next to the property of Rosencrantz. The tower of Geoffrey Diamonds was erected on the other side. Rumor has it that another house is being built next week! Yay neighbors! After Twinkles failed to come back to the land of the living, Greyson got drunk and found love here in Huge Red. The morning after he tried to save against true love, but failed his save. The wedding is going to be a spring wedding. Congratulations, Greyson!

Into the dungeon!

We encountered a few pretty heavy fights on our way back down to where we left off last week. The first as a huge bunch of lizardfolk, but they weren't too much of a concern. The next was a combination of lemur (LEMURE, you damn muggles -GZtW) demons, zombies, and lizardfolk waiting for us at the bottom of the hole we fought down from last week. Fuck. The last one was…

Eh, sexy lady!

A daughter of the demon queen! While she was extremely polite, she also had four arms and the lower body of a snake (Marilith. Though she did only have four arms…perhaps a warm-up for the real deal?-GZtW)(She was only half demon, apparently. FML.). She also tried to kill us. After a very long and protracted battle, Greyson tried to smooch with her. It didn't work, but the humor of making jokes about grappling a demon with your lips and paralyzing with a french kiss was enough to turn the tide of battle against her, and we defeated her (mostly by throwing phials of holy water at her), and stole all of her money. She had cool swords, too. They aren't special really other than being cool and having belonged to a demonjerk, but still.

The pile of money we found was possibly the money carried by a character who fell deep into the pit a long time ago.

Next game!

We continue into that same level of the dungeon, or perhaps the level just above. We still haven't got to that chest we located last game, though!


Lots of money
One gem
The other hella huge piece of ivory, lost so many ages ago
Book of the Two Vultures
Two unimportant swords that still look sweet
Potion that tasted like raw meat and musk (and turned out to be a potion of Animal Control)



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