Braynoch's Cliffs, XII

Last week, our heroes made it to the Stronghold Level under Braynoch's cliff and spoke with the ghost of Aaron, pontiff of the Calnican order, before fleeing demons and the great bats beneath. Some lost their lives.

The Party

Name AKA Class Joined
Greyson Blackstone Blackstone
Demon F**ker
Witch Hunter A Badger, a Faun, and a Frog (or: Fantasy The Wind and the Willows) remove
Deadgh muscle wizard remove
Geoffrey Diamonds The Author
The Giant Slayer
The Worst Thing to Happen to This Game
Stonelands Regional Best Son Award Winner
Best Friend of Baelfjord
Magic User remove
Benedictish Frankwich The stoic.
The feeder of crows.
The grounded.
Destroyer of the Calnican Order.
Master of interior decorating.
Slayer of monster ™.
The silver Fox.
He who trained with the Amazons.
Fighter. WARRIOR. remove
Silent X The halfling of death,
Enemy of Yams
halfling July 2012 remove
Ruddy Flynn Who Cannot Tell A Lie
The Halfling Sailor
Captain of the Halfing Cavalry
halfling Return to Ardstone part 1: Borland to Lonhall remove
John Baelfjord of Ashburnham The Pale Knight
The Machine of Death
The Iron Fist of Brokr
Woden's Wrath
T.G. Baelfjord
Exorcist September 30th, 2013 remove

John Baelfjord of Ashburnham with Deagh
Greyson Blackstone (and almost twinkles)
Geoffrey Diamonds
Ruddy Flynn with Summer the Wardog
benedictish-frakwich with Silent X
Link of Blink
And Others

Publishing Bob's Little Book of Learning

Raddoh, the magnificent crafter that he is, produced a number of copies of the book for distribution. We'll see how the market reacts, but the outlook is great! The books are being given out for free in this limited trial run, to make the party famous and household names.

Once people are hooked, though…

Home Improvement

Geoffrey Diamonds awoke from a dream that had him feverish, and knew that he had to begin building a house immediately. Rosencrantz had recently bought a large bit of land, intending to slowly but surely own the town, but Geoffrey convinced him to let him purchase a small subdivided plot. Shortly thereafter, Deagh asked Geoffrey if he could be his roomie, to which Geoffrey was more than happy to do. Deagh immediately began taunting Rosencrantz from behind a fence like a bizarro Wilson.


The party was torn. On one hand, we knew where Aaron was and clearing the fortress levels could be extremely rewarding, but there are likely basilisks and Aaron is a son of a bitch who is hard to hit. On the other, we knew where to find a certain group of lizardfolk we met many weeks ago that had properly fucked up the party, but knew not what was in wait at the bottom of the pit they were in.

Naturally, the party chose the option that was least likely to have a basilisk. Also we killed Aoldus who seemed actually kind of stoked we did so.

Indoor Meteorites

A plan was hatched. The Baelfjord would turn into a hulking beast of iron, the party would drop multiple flasks of oil and firebombs into the pit, and he would drop down like a meteor and bring the hurt to them, while being healed in the fire the whole time.

This actually worked surprisingly well. The lizards had been in the middle of conjuring something, which ended up being a crystal demon that was fighting a horde of zombies below (possible foreshadowing of a multi-sided conflict?!), but all were easily dispatched. A small number of lizardmen, including one of the magic-users, escaped into another room, but couldn't escape quickly enough to avoid getting put to sleep by Link of Blink and Geoffrey Diamonds. Jerks.

Water Sports

Following the escaping lizardfolk lead us to a small room with stairs leading into the water, where the lizards were attempting to escape. Surprise! The water was full of motherfucking giant crocodiles, that very nearly ate our iron golem despite his metallic condition.

Where do we go now?

From this room, there is a chest ~40'-50' in the southwest, on the same level. As well, we found a small room with bats that seemed to be guarding a large pile of debris, which may have something sweet in it but we couldn't be arsed to kill anything else with so many of the party barely alive by a thread. Greyson Blackstone wants to get them real, real bad.


2 Spellbooks, unknown contents
200 Silver Pieces


Twinkles (awaiting resurrection)
Many, many men-at-arms

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