Braynoch's Cliff – part XI

The pious monks of the old order of St. Calnica serve the lord even in death. Aoldus, once a watchman of that church, has told the Questing Heroes of their old stronghold deeper within the dungeon. A clue—but who knows what is there now, generations past the battle that the wraith sees still, frozen in the moment of death. Perhaps though, some more intelligence of the Demon Queen—her name that Aoldus dares not speak (even if he knew it), her plans and tactics, or the way to her lair. Or—perhaps a hint of the bewitched Sharper Cleve and the strange Pandocar order that he now travels with.

The Party

Name AKA Class Joined
Greyson Blackstone Blackstone
Demon F**ker
Witch Hunter A Badger, a Faun, and a Frog (or: Fantasy The Wind and the Willows) remove
Gadzooks Gadzooks the Wizened, Hey Where'd He Go? Magic User The Blood Rains of Lonhall part 7 remove
Geoffrey Diamonds The Author
The Giant Slayer
The Worst Thing to Happen to This Game
Stonelands Regional Best Son Award Winner
Best Friend of Baelfjord
Magic User remove
Billiardball Toodlesnoot cleric The Blood Rains of Lonhall part 4 remove
Tompaw halfling remove
Benedictish Frankwich The stoic.
The feeder of crows.
The grounded.
Destroyer of the Calnican Order.
Master of interior decorating.
Slayer of monster ™.
The silver Fox.
He who trained with the Amazons.
Fighter. WARRIOR. remove
Ruddy Flynn Who Cannot Tell A Lie
The Halfling Sailor
Captain of the Halfing Cavalry
halfling Return to Ardstone part 1: Borland to Lonhall remove
John Baelfjord of Ashburnham The Pale Knight
The Machine of Death
The Iron Fist of Brokr
Woden's Wrath
T.G. Baelfjord
Exorcist September 30th, 2013 remove

Yar Har Fiddle-dee-dee

Do what you want, 'cuz a pirate is free
Though fuck with the pirates and you'll get a fee
Threats of house burning and other such harm
Can be dissuaded with a simple charm

While waiting for Tompaw to get out of jail for a "minor misunderstanding with the authorities", Twinkles managed to rack up some sizable debt to some local pirates at the Iron Eagle tavern. Not being able to pay up, the pirates suggested that Twinkles find a way to make this money quickly or the fine wooden house (with TWO doors, and windows!) that Rosencrantz just built might find itself subject to an unfortunate spontaneous combustion. Twinkles challenged the pirates to a eating contest with the bugbear Bilderbush as his champion, but the pirates were having none of it. Link of Blink, at this time, simply charmed the Captain of the pirates and smoothed everything over.

How to Win Friends and Influence Ghosts

A strategy was produced to get deeper into the dungeon quickly and safely: staking doors closed along the way that we don't need to go through, and breaking down those that we do. Hopefully this would mean we have a little bit safer travel straight down. We'll see how this actually works. Seems to have been pretty effective so far, especially in the case of panicked egress.

Delving down into the new level of the fortress, where Aoldus the ghostly monk told us to go, there were five coffins on the landing of this room. The ghostly occupants of these coffins immediately sprung forth and began to attack, falling quickly between the combined might and turning of the party, especially Baelfjord, Silent X and Benedict. The last ghost left, Oriabelle, was charmed by Geoffrey Diamonds. This was a bad idea, but she was a wealth of information regarding the dungeon, and even offered to personally show us the way to Aaron, in the grand hall. There may be ways into the other two fortresses on this level, which would likely mean sweet loot is waiting for us there.

After a ridiculous fight with some bats where Oriabelle "accidentally" level drained Rosencrantz because she's a piece of shit, we came upon the grand hall and called out for Aaron. We quickly noticed the ceiling was lined with bats turned to stone, and as Aaron approached, it was obvious that he was quite mad even for a ghost who thought they were winning a battle they lost 400 years ago, and the mere sight of him aged everyone who looked due to how horrifying it was. The Narsician order of St. Mr. Darcy was at fault for the betrayal here, and they were seduced by the power of War Angels into fighting the Calnican order and killing them. We also learned the name of the demon queen: "ki-sikle lil la-key". Don't fucking say this out loud. Serious. You don't even know.

"They told us they were angels… But NO!"

A very brief fight with Aaron ensued, where he attempted to possess us unsuccessfully. Baelfjord turned him and he fled the room. Baelfjord, who figured it would be easier to find sweet treasure if he could just walk through walls, followed to the incorporeal plane and, after briefly encountering some incorporeal monsters, promptly got lost. He didn't find any treasure, but did manage to find his way back to the tower so that he at least wasn't made a ghost while pretending to be a ghost (how meta would that have been!).

Not wanting to deal with Aaron again, and terrified of basilisks, the rest of the party got the fuck out of there.

Other stuff happened!

Most definitely shit went down.

To Do

Research about this particular demon.
Produce copies of the protection scroll possibly?


A cool extra powerful scroll of protection!


Monsters Slain

A crapton of giant bats (metric, not imperial)

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