The Blood Rains of Lonhall X

Deep beneath the tower, in that labyrinth hidden from the view of even the mightiest Enchantress, the mad mage Ser Cleve writes strange notes to himself upon his untrustworthy maps. Each day, in ritual magic, he covers over the memories he has made, leaving only these fragments: for he knows that his holy Quest relies on total secrecy. In the town just downhill from that cliff-top, rumours run wild among the fisher-folk: an Apparition. Since our party’s return, talk runs to the Back Ship, upon which an elf-maid cries for the one she betrayed, and a mysterious oarsman guides the ship through the rain clouds. And, once in a while: the Fearsome Captain strides the deck. Those who see him and live come back broken and grey.

Hurry Up and Wait

Sitting in town with little to do, the party spent multiple weeks trying to keep busy with benders that lasted more than a month, spell research, or trying to invent movable type. Someone got turned into a pig, but it turned out the witch actually wasn't that bad a person and actually really cool with a cloak made of spider webs and a floating jack-o'-lantern.


The rumored black ship was nowhere to be seen, and without any hint on where we'd be able to find it, it was decided to delve into the dungeon once again. Maybe someone in town next week will be able to say they saw the ship somewhere and we can go kick some butt (or "make friends").

Mopping up the Dungeon

The adventure was mostly dedicated at staying in the higher levels where we stood a better chance at surviving, and going to uncover areas we had as blank spots on our map. We ended up through some strange hallways that went to other levels, which was very confusing since we had no dwarf to help us tell. A leprechaun was burned alive on accident before we could force it to bring us to its treasure, as well as a mysterious robed figure that lizardfolk were holding prisoner. Oops. Henchpeople died in bulk, but did an actually pretty good job being useful.

No sign of Ser Cleve was found, though. Someone befriended a bat with soothing cooing sounds, and someone else got turned into a shadow, who also got charmed and is haunting the party with demands that they all wear long sleeve tops that are cropped around the stomach.


No exciting treasure, we only got money this game!

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