Return to the Ruined Church Dungeon
Name AKA Class Joined
The Good Ship Gazpacho The sky-ship Return to the Ruined Church Dungeon remove
Gadzooks Gadzooks the Wizened, Hey Where'd He Go? Magic User The Blood Rains of Lonhall part 7 remove
Deadgh muscle wizard remove
Geoffrey Diamonds The Author
The Giant Slayer
The Worst Thing to Happen to This Game
Stonelands Regional Best Son Award Winner
Best Friend of Baelfjord
Magic User remove
Muramasa Massamune Heavy metal militia fighter remove
Silent X The halfling of death,
Enemy of Yams
halfling July 2012 remove
Raddoh the Aviator

Slayer o' Wolf,
Creator of The Gazpacho,
Who helped take Lord Winter to Hel,
One of the people who does the actual work
Who once spent a few months as a diamond and is still a little sparkly around the edges.

dwarf 2012 remove
Äsdis cleric Into the Woods 3: The terrors of fantasy 19th century Russia remove

The Flying Ship Gazpacho Soup

The Adventure

The Trumpet Demon of the Ruined Church Dungeon



Monsters Slain

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