2014 Game 3: Perils of the Storvoss coast


Sun sets on the camp for the second day. South lies the steep cliffs where the wild folk of the eastern cape have their shrine—wild folk cut off from the rest of The Stone Lands by the dangerous hills of the Moor Maery. They keep a safe distance from where tents sit on the coast, and the long ship is beached.

An interruption: as night falls decisions must be taken. Mumblefluff is vanished, taken by the strange lady of the cliff-hall into the dark, even as John Baelfjord called down the fury of the skies themselves to smash undead on the seas. Will the ship continue its perilous journey down these forsaken coasts, in search of the Great Ogre, or will its crew seek a bargain with the Queen of Envy for reunification with the wayward Elf? And—just where is Mumblefluff anyway?

The Party

John Baelfjord of Ashburnham
Silent X with Benedictish Frankwich
Killgore II with Ahriman
Ser Cleve the Thief with Raddoh the Aviator

The Adventure

We began at our camp on the Storvoss Coast and did some reconnaissance of the village in the hills nearby. We made a frontal attack on the village and fought the Queen of Envy outside her temple there. We did not succeed in finding out what happened to Mumblefluff before we slew the demon.

We returned to our boat and sailed south along the Storvoss Coast until night fell. We made camp at a suspisciously convenient natural harbour and were assaulted in the night by hordes of zombies and their spectre leader. The zombies took us completely by surprise and overran the camp, killing and eating as they went.

After the battle was over we no longer had enough people to properly crew the boat so Cleve turned Killgore into an air elemental. Killgore drove us home before gale-force winds.

Memorable Quotes

"Aw I never liked any of you anyway" - Ahriman
"Raddoh I've never liked you and you kinda smell but I really need you to do this solid for me right now" - Killgore


Ahriman (raised from the dead by Baelfjord after the fight)
Benedictish Frankwich (level drained)
3 sailors
Henrique Culeveigh, charmed dwarf serving Ser Cleve
Zedibaj the dwarf-at-arms


Gems, coins, and a magic wand. Each share of the loot was worth 2330 silver pieces.

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