Things went badly in Mewyrall

The Party

Name AKA Class Joined
Wellington Crumplehorn giant-drinker fighter Things went badly in Mewyrall remove
Gadzooks Gadzooks the Wizened, Hey Where'd He Go? Magic User The Blood Rains of Lonhall part 7 remove
Deadgh muscle wizard remove
Topp Foppman Topp "Of the Pops" Foppman fighter In which Deadgh the muscle wizard met with a badger remove
Geoffrey Diamonds The Author
The Giant Slayer
The Worst Thing to Happen to This Game
Stonelands Regional Best Son Award Winner
Best Friend of Baelfjord
Magic User remove
Benedictish Frankwich The stoic.
The feeder of crows.
The grounded.
Destroyer of the Calnican Order.
Master of interior decorating.
Slayer of monster ™.
The silver Fox.
He who trained with the Amazons.
Fighter. WARRIOR. remove
Silent X The halfling of death,
Enemy of Yams
halfling July 2012 remove
Brock gnome The Basilisk, or, the cause and solution of all our problems remove

The Setting

We began at a party with some elves and outside were some birds and a two headed giant that wanted us dead. And another elf outside who also wanted to kill us who was also one of the most terrifying foes we had ever met and had come very close to wiping out the entire team twice before. So we invited them to come to the party and have some drinks with us.

The Adventure

Things pretty much went downhill from there. The plan was simple: invite or aggro the giant to coming to the party. Step two, the giant would then be seperated from his vulture friends, and easier to bring down. Three, we either kill a drunk and passed out giant easily, or him crashing the party would cause our enemies (Stephan the Faun and his charmed partiers) into fighting each other. Turning enemies against each other and dividing their forces seems like it'd be a bulletproof plan, right?

An invitation was sought from Stephan the Faun to give to the giant, and a small band was dispatched to deliver it. With halflings providing support from the hill, they approached the shore and called out to Hue and Dory, who was more than excited to find out he (they? What the fuuuuck) received an invitation to the exclusive party. Meanwhile, a small squad (lead by Luke Skywalker) was left to the courtyard of the castle, and the remainder of the party stayed inside the hall in which the party was happening, awaiting the giant. The giant came and was challenged to a drinking contest, which was rigged. Deadgh, while invisible, would assist in the drinking and stack the odds in our favor.

Meanwhile, the party in the courtyard was getting anxious watching the vultures circle overhead. An itchy trigger finger later, and the vultures came down with a vengance and killed a number of new adventurers.

The drinking contest wasn't going well, however. Deadgh immediately tapped out, leaving Wellington on his own to beat the giant. A plan was immediately devised to give an invisibility potion to Geoffrey Diamonds to have him take Deadgh's place, but the multi-headed giant was able to notice something amiss and began to call shenanigans. The party sprung into action, taking the giant by surprise to kill. Geoffrey stabbed him in the spine, leaving him unable to move and to drown in his bucket of wine.

Stepping outside while their comrades assisted the wounded, Gadzooks and Geoffrey put the majority of the vultures to sleep, leaving Benedict and Silent X to kill the vulture wizard, which they did with the utmost ease. Benedict also got a swell hat out of the deal.

Seeing an opportunity, Bob and Lil Bub left their hiding spots atop the cliff and made their way to the giant's boat, seeing to fix it ready for a speedy retreat. Not long after climbing aboard, though, a mysterious bank of fog rolled in and Bob found himself pricked and endumbened by an invisible foe. Lil Bub tried to run away, but was dragged under by the same. At this point, Bob began to make sand mounds (as sand castles is something far too complicated for one with an intelligence of 3).

The remainder of the party began to move their way from the castle down to the beach, not knowing what was happening below. The Siren, Harald's mistress that escaped before, began to sing and charmed a number of the party into drowning themselves. This wouldn't do by any means, so Deadgh and Silent X quickly beat her to a bloody pulp. Sadly, however, a good number of people were unable to be revived, including most of the new adventurers, as well as Brock. The party cleared the castle quite well, though, and was able to rest here soundly.


The giant's crappy (pun intended?) ship
A sweet papal tiara that belongs to that jerk who yelled insults at us then ran away.
Hula's spellbook


Most characters

Monsters Slain

Nobody that really mattered

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