The Blood Rains of Lonhall part 8

Our party is now settled in Huge-Red for the long haul: following a fire at their favourite ale-house, started under unclear circumstances, Ásdís and Lazlow seized the opportunity presented by low real-estate costs in the burned portion of town to invest and begin to construct a base of operations.
More fire was discovered beneath the ground, as burning runes read by Gazooks the Magic-user claimed many lives in a dark mirror of our heroes' behaviour the night before. But true tragedy came as another pack of lizard-people cultists slew, for a second time, the much-loved Elmon Lemon.
Meanwhile, Baefjord has spent the week mulling over his recent communication from The Enchantress. Where will our adventures take us this week?

This game will take place Monday at 7 at the Empress

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