The Blood Rains of Lonhall part 7

The Party

Benedictish Frankwich (with Silent X)
Bob (with Snausages)
Ruddy Flynn
Elmon Lemon
john-baelfjord with Deagh
Apple Pie Tim Bitt with Tannhauser Gate
Muramasa Masamune

A Bad Decision (or, "You bought a house… in this market?!")

After a conflagration caused by someone (probably not a member of the party, why would they do that?!) burned down a large chunk of town, Asdis and Lazlow purchased a home in Huge Red, "The Passwind Mews". The humble building is nothing but a stone shoe-box with a sweet iron door at the moment. Muramasa Masamune offered to pay for ramparts on the box, on the condition that he be allowed to sleep there (on the ramparts specifically).

It will soon house the Elmon Lemon Memorial Library.


After a short jaunt into the dungeon, we came across a room with more flaming runes written upon them. At this point, Apple Pie Tim Bitt remembered that they had written down the runes from another room but couldn't read them. Gadzooks, the magic-user with a well-endowed, floppy hat, was given them to read, revealing "The blood of all the queens of Lonhall", before it promptly blew up and killed a large number of people. Gadzooks decided he needed a bigger hat and vowed never to listen to suggestions of the party again. Snausages, the beloved battle-corgi, died.

The party retreated back upstairs to gather more men-at-arms and adventurers.

Lemon Drops

It's been a blast!

The rest of the dungeon crawl went by uneventfully, along with a lemure demon getting smacked down and a "mean prayer" to keep him down. The party, arriving at a dead end, circled back and went into a room containing a smokey-monster thing and a lava-monster thing. While dispatching these, however, 17 lizard people ran forth from their warren north of the room. In the ensuing battle, a number of people died, including Elmon Lemon, who unfortunately, did not stand back up. The crowbar of opening, now named the crowbar of Lemon, is a small token of remembrance still carried by the party. However, we took out many of the lizard folk, with Lazlow and Bob taking one prisoner. It's probably worth checking out this place next week, since we killed lots of them already and the few left standing could be guarding sweet loots.

More Lizards?

On our way out, carrying the bodies of our comrades, a number of lizard people came out of a door just as we were almost out. With a growl and intimidating words, Muramasa Massamune scared the lizard people into staying back as we exited.




Apple Pie Tim Bitt
Tannhauser Gate
Buttercup Commonwealth
Elmon Lemon

Monsters Slain

This game will take place Monday at 7 at The Empress

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