The Blood Rains of Lonhall part 6

The Party

Benedictish Frankwich (with Silent X)
Bob (with Snausages)
Tina Blastov
Hardy Tuffman

The Dungeon

Hobbes struck a deal with the Order for free passage for the party into the dungeon in exchange for four new Order members and dwarven assistance with with structural maintenence of the tower. Benedict, Tina Blastov, Quill, Hardy, and Hobbes swore an oath to the Order and the party entered the dungeon for free!

Hardy, was killed by an exploring door. And replaced by the hastily promoted muscle wizard High Striker Tuffman.

The party went through the first level a bit to flesh out their maps, with some considerable luck. With elves and dwarves in the party, they were finally able to uncover some secret rooms, one of which contained the broken sword (nameofswordhereplease), which High kept.

Further into the dungeon, the party came across the egalitarian labor collective of goblins, who were pretty chill. After Hobbes swayed them with a friendly introduction, the goblins shared some information and we bonded over shared Marxist ideals and distaste for the methods lizardfolk use in running their businesses. Our Muscle Wizard punched one with a gloriously firm, manly handshake, charming it into joining up with him. In parting, we left a small tribute to their collective, in hope of future friendship and possibly business.


Merlin the Goblin was so kind that he helped us update our map.
Unrelated note: according to autobiographical fan fiction, AWB is a famous artist. Merlin, however, is clearly not.

Next, we delved to the next level of the dungeon. We came across a secret room that led into the hall with the viewing pool that Burric, Lazlow's man-at-arms died by after he drank from it. Within the pool the last moments of his life replayed (Lazlow giving him 50 silver to drink from the pool, and his agonizing death). Suddenly, Burric reappeared and attempted to attack Lazlow, but Silent X killed it promptly before it could caress his cheek with level-draining undead lovin'. Further on we went, back into the hole that went down into the level below.

Zolobachai's Impractical Yam

It's all fun and games until someone trusts the yam.

Once we entered the cave, it was obvious that the pile of Elmon Lemon's stuff, which was stripped of him to make him easier to carry last week, was no longer there to retrieve. Searching nearby, we came across a huge chest. Our elves sniffed around it for a bit, and deeming it safe, we attempted to open the chest. Tina Blastov cast Zolobachai's Impractical Yam for Silent X to sit on while attempting to unlock it, but the yam was most assuredly unfit for this purpose and wobbled. Kicking it out of the way, it barely rolled across the room. We opened the chest and found a huge amount of sexy loot, and Tina picked up the yam.

In the next room, there was a fissure stretching across the floor of the cave. The yam was now an orange goop, which has innumerable applications (to be discovered by the caster's ingenuity), and Tina applied the goop into the crack in the floor. Deeming it safe enough now, Lazlow had a rope tied around him and he ventured into the room, amid people joking about his husky, well-furnished clericy girth. The floor immediately caved in under Lazlow's weight, leading into an abyss that was too deep to see into.

"Just one more room"

The party pulled Lazlow up, and squeaked around the edge of the cave and into another room where they were attacked by giant bats. Meanwhile, lizardmen climbed out of the hole and began to attack from behind. Sandwiched between these two, and between lighting bolts, a tripwire that launched people into the pit full of undead, and charm spells, the party sustained massive casualties before attempting to flee.

The Escape

Everyone died. Except Benedict, Lazlow, Silent X and Brock.

Our muscle wizard, trapped by a web, offered to stay behind and try to burn himself out, and was digested by a hasted slime. However, he did buy the party some time. Hobbes, Benedict, and Lazlow continued to flee. Hobbes got caught by the slime, unfortunately, and was digested. Lazlow and Benedict scurried up the rope back into the room above, and cut the rope so the slime couldn't pursue. Here, they were assaulted by shades again, which were turned away by Lazlow's holy might. Limping out of the room, and with only the dim continual light cast upon their items guiding them, the two managed to finally escape the dungeon.

Elf Land

Silent X and Brock teleported out of the dungeon to escape, and went to Elf Land. Hopefully they're okay!


Magic-user scrolls: fire trap, Arbane's Precipitous Deluge
Cleric scrolls: hold person, speak with plants, feign death
I don't remember what else


Bob (with Snausages)
Tina Blastov
Hardy Tuffman
Ranulf, torch bearer in service of Hardy Tuffman
High Striker Tuffman
Merlin the goblin, friend of High.

Monsters Slain

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