The Blood Rains of Lonhall part 5

The Party

Ruddy Flynn
Elmon Lemon
Benedictish Frankwich with Silent X
Bunn Von Deathtrap
John Baelfjord of Ashburnham

Becoming More Intimate with the Dungeon Demons

Before the party entered the dungeon, Baelfjord communed with the god Dr. Swordopolis to figure out what Ser Cleve the Thief was up to, and upon finding out he was actively coming for the party/part of a group wanting to free the Demon Queen, sent word to the enchantress that things were likely going to go south quick and to please send help (in the form of awesome loots). He also informed Orm, the leader of the knights guarding the entrance to the dungeon, of Cleve's intentions and to keep an eye out for him.

The dungeon adventure was mostly just to suss things out further, trying to fill in some blank spots on our maps and hopefully catch some good treasure. In doing so, we incited the wrath of two giant spiders, released three shadowpeople from a chest (who would come back to haunt us later), and got two people killed by a cave-in. The cave-in, however, lead us to a circular room with a hole in the ceiling and floor, which could likely be an express route to lower levels of the dungeon. This was not without a cost, however, as we were set upon by hounds that breathed firebees and thoroughly kicked out asses. Lemon had a very rough day.

Bunn Von Deathtrap perished in the cave-in. His sackbut-player Apple Pie Tim Bitt was promoted on the spot.

Without going lower, we explored the second level of the dungeon further, coming to a point where we were trapped between a heat-ghost thing and a stingerbaby in another room. The stingerbaby room revealed a lost and injured soldier from the surface, who was lost and joined us. He was a doppleganger, however, which goes to show that dopplegangers are extremely rude and even if you're really nice to them and defend them from the elf in the party being super mean to them they'll still try and turn on you and break your heart instead of thinking these people are way too nice and cool to be fighting against and maybe just joining up with them to be a cool bro that can shift into people and do way better impersonation stand up comedy than anyone else ever.

On the route back to the stairs up, we encountered a room with suspicious webs. Oil was dispersed among the party to be spread onto the webs in the room we were in, and the webs were burned because nothing nice has ever lived in a web ever so this was prudent.

Can I have some oil too? - Baelfjord, before taking it and massaging the oil onto his body instead of using it for the webs.

This was an excellent move, however, and a demonstration of Baelfjord's strategic prowess: his shiny, oiled biceps revealed in them a reflection of something trying to sneak up on him. A lemure demon and a stingerbaby were approaching! At last, we killed lemure demon, and being thoroughly unimpressed with it not wanting to stay dead, Ruddy Flynn bottled the creature, breaking the bottle of holy water over its head and killing it for good. The doppleganger wrestled with Benedictish Frankwich for some time, but was ultimately defeated (we're ~30% sure we have the real Benedict right now).

On the way out of the dungeon, we were set upon by four lizardfolk. Huxley deserted the party and ran, while the rest retreated while using ranged attacks upon the advancing enemy. Huxley, in his haste to escape, ran right into the many waiting and loving arms of a giant centipede, who was quite happy to have had lunch delivered to him and bit him. The rest of the party stomped the critter into the ground, revived Huxley with only implied disappointment that he left, and headed to the surface. Here, Baelfjord easily revived Lemon.

Here, take this back. It's too much responsibility for me, man! - Tompaw, giving Elmon Lemon his crowbar of opening back.


Bunn Von Deathtrap
Elmon Lemon had a really rough day.

Monsters Slain

6 hotdogs
2 stingerbabies
1 heatghost
1 lemure
1 dopple-prick
3 shadowpeople
4 lizardfolk
1 pixie
2 giant spiders


We found some gems
Some money!
Gold grills
Encyclopedia of cooking
Ornate box

This game will take place Monday at 7:00 at the Empress

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