The Blood Rains of Lonhall part 4

The Party

Ruddy Flynn
Elmon Lemon
Lazlow with Malgrim
Benedictish Frankwich with Silent X
Billiardball Toodlesnoot

Sussing Out The Dungeon

Flyganth drunkenly drank from a pool that turned him (and anything that came out of him) aglow with a soft, rosy hue. Someone purchased a bottle of glowing pee from him for a light source.

We met some hell hounds:

That's one hot dog - Flyganth

Then he died.
We fought some lesser demons that we thought were undead but turned out to be unaffected by our clerics powers. So we ran. Before we ran we saw one of them getting up after what should have been a fatal wound.
We fought a winged demon that also got up after we killed it. But not before it killed or confused most of the party with a breath attack.

The party also came across Sister Mild of St. Calneca. Mild was a chaotic, unhinged soul trapped within the dungeon where her party, including the great knight Aaron (sp), suffered defeat and tragedy at the hands of each other (possibly having been influenced to fight by the demon queen). Other than suggesting finding Aaron to learn the Demon Queen's true name (which is silly since he's probably long since dead), she was unable to give much in the way of actual information about anything else and was unwilling to assist the party, and also tried to become violent with the party after they refused to fight to the death in the dungeon and tried to rest and recuperate. Further, Lazlow is too much of a sucker for a tragic backstory and shouldn't be allowed to talk to these sorts of things.

There's no time! No time! - Mild


Ool, man at arms in service of Billiardball (lost in the dungeon, confused)
Elmon Lemon had a rough day.

Monsters Slain

4 hell hounds
Sister Mild of St. Calneca
11 Lizardmen


We found some gems 'n stuff.

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