The Blood Rains of Lonhall part 3

The Party

Ruddy Flynn
Elmon Lemon
Muramasa Massamune
Tannhäuser Gate
Benedictish Frankwich with Silent X
Archibald Arborlax with Gallow

The Well at Benson's Hill

The journey to Benson's Hill was relatively uneventful. Early one night on the trip there, the first watch observed a number of goats wander into the camp. Offering food to one, it mumbled "No thanks, I'm not hungry." and sauntered back into the woods. Thinking something bad was afoot, the watch woke up the rest of the party, including Lazlow, who misheard what happened as "ghost goats" and thought it his duty to assist the lost souls to pass peacefully.1 Taking Narloth with him, Lazlow entered the dark of the woods and found that the goats were actually freaky bat-winged stingerbabies.


They were easily dispatched, but the true fight was between Lemon and Tompaw as to whether keeping them like cattle to milk for poison or throwing the sack of stingerbabies with a weight into a lake was more prudent.

Because Elmon Lemon is so awesome, once the party arrived at Benson's Hill the guardians of the well were more than willing to help the party out by supplying some water. The return to Huge Red was uneventful. If you call being ambushed by a dozen bugbears in the middle of setting up camp "uneventful".

The Dungeon

Back at Huge Red, the party returned to Branog's Cliff to search for the Demon Queen. There was no sign of her yet, but there were centipedes, tunnels that went nowhere, giant blobs, a gargoyle banister rail, and an impossibly proportioned living statue - its pouches were all empty though. The party returned to the surface to rest before making its next sojourn.


Archibald (raised by John Baelfjord of Ashburnham)
3 men-at-arms
2 torch bearers
Zero the dog

Monsters Slain

  • 3 stingerbabies
  • 15? bugbears
  • 1 giant centipede
  • 1 gianter giant centipede
  • 1 gelatinous cube
  • 1 hot statue, well-endowed and with tiny feet
  • 1 gargoyle
  • 1 doppleganger
  • 1 steamy thing


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