The Queen of Envy


Last week, our party made a perilous journey through the Crossroads of Moor Maerey, discovering horrible poison creatures in the depths that were recently home to its great guardian spirits: the dreaded Basilisk among them claimed several souls—and nearly more.
But an exit was found—not South as hoped, but West, and then to the North, haunted by the spirits of fallen warriors. We regroup at another Dwarf-hall impressed by tales of adventure and eager for the opening of the old ways below, and plan our next journey under the earth.

Because we had an earlier start this time we did this adventure in two stages, one to get back to Ardstone and the other to pick up everyone still at Ardstone and go on a new sailing adventure

The Party

Getting Ready

We tried to go drinking with the dwarves of Crammond's Keep but Cleve got out of control and wound up naked in the local temple. We quit town with all haste.

Into the Dungeon!

We set out into the city of the gnomes. Ser Cleve the Thief tried to take a shortcut through the dungeon and wound up getting the party lost again. Some gargoyles set an ambush but we drove them off after slaying serveral of them. Eventually we figured out where we were and made our way back to Ardstone with treasure from the gargoyles.




A decent haul of gems and coins and gargoyle eyes.

Part Two

Getting Ready

There was a big celebration for Vax's wedding. Highlight of the festivities was the tossing of the stone bouquet.

Over the Waves!

Manning the oars of our ship with the few surviving sailors and some dwarfs-at-arms we set out south along the coast of Fiangle's Isle. We crossed the straits to the mainland and were attacked by a sea serpent. Ser Cleve turned himself into a giant squid and rescued people from drowning. Raddoh the Aviator managed to keep the boat from capsizing. Killgore II was swallowed whole but managed to cut his way out from inside after Silent X slew the monster. We took the head of the serpent and made camp. In the morning we found its lair and looted it of one book. Then we were attacked by a strange and horrible devil in the company of some undead creatures. Mumblefluff had a strange and somewhat unsettling chat with this devil, the Queen of Envy until she reached out her hand and took Mumblefluff away. We returned to camp and met the strange people who live in the mountains and eat meat without cooking it, "alternative cuisine", apparently. Though we could not speak their language, we communicated enough with them to learn that they have a lawful temple in their village, dedicated to the Queen of Envy who took Mumblefluff.

Thunder God

Of particularly important to mention from this game, T.G Baelfjord destroyed a vampire and most of his boat with a single bolt from the heavens. As this vampire was fully exposed on a boat in the middle of the day, it is likely that he was a legendary Day-Walker. It's difficult to state how deadly such a creature was, or how magnificent the bolt that destroyed him was, but rough approximations through computer simulations have done their best.


Mumblefluff (kidnapped)


The serpent's head
A travel journal

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