The Blood Rains of Lonhall part 2


In the town of Huge Red, in the lee of the tower on Braynoch’s Cliff, our heroes prepare to carry their Geas forward: to brave the dungeons beneath that bastion in pursuit of the Lizard Queen, the demoness they believe to lair within.

Dun dun dun

To do

  1. Dungeon crawl at Braynoch's Cliff
  2. Take out Lizard Queen/break quest spell
  3. get Mumblefluff
  4. get Ser Cleve the Thief
  5. Sack Harald's tower and get the Mixalaught gem
  6. We have that Dragonsett thing, that's a good step 6

When first on bank the brannoch's ground sees May
Buds bloom and smile before the shining sun
Southeast I'll sail in the tentcross'd Staffwell Bay
To Lonhall's lands Elf-hexed by blood undone.
By river's curse elf made but borne by men
At Branog's Cliff beneath the stony ground
Where Erin fell and more time and again
With blessings from the well at Benson's Mound
I'll break that curse the demons wil be bent
And slain - else I myself in the attempt.

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