The Blood Rains of Lonhall part 1


The blood rains of Lonhall have never quite washed off: misfortune follows our party as they cross islands on raven-back. Mukroc Drungo Drungas is burnt for his sins. Ser Cleve is captured by the monks of Wickrobe Tower, compelled to confess and repent. Their companions, meanwhile, find themselves making promises within promises: to liberate the city of Dragonssett in the Stone Lands, to prove their word is good. And the days keep passing.
This Monday: we talk impatiently of returning to Lonhall with all speed, to a dungeon and the demon queen within. Rescue hopes may have to wait, unless some other desperate plan can be hatched.

The Party

John Baelfjord of Ashburnham
Benedictish Frankwich (with Silent X)
Elmon Lemon
Fragglerock Crucifix
Gustav IV: Gustavus Musselmenschen
Ruddy Flynn

On Wings of Ravens

The Brannoch

Raddoh the Aviator traded Harald's cape to the Rook of the North for its blessing in the form of a feather, and began making plans to return to Ardstone with the log. The rest of the party pressed on.

Over the Seas

Giant Turtle Attack! Our ship was badly damaged and all of our sailors died. Fragglerock Crucifix also perished.


Damn those scurvy knaves. Well since they attacked us in our camp, on land, and their ship was in better shape than ours, we took it.

Huge Red

We arrived at the town of Huge Red beneath Brannoch's Cliff the first goal of our quest.


Fragglerock Crucifix
21 sailors
1 Man at Arms (Lurm, in the service of Fragglerock Crucifix)


One of the turtles (the only one we slew) had previously swallowed lots of pineapples and gems and stuff. Good haul!

Monsters Slain

1 ginormous turtle
approx. 60 pirates
pirate captain
first mate

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