Return to Sftabhmontown


Fleeing on raven-back, the wind brings us home after a long absence to Sſtabhmontown. Now so close to where the Queen of Envy must have brought erstwhile member of the party Mumblefluff months ago, on his quest after the lord of bog elves Kazekish, a decision presents itself. Should we try to rescue that elf-friend from his no doubt dire predicament and help him to accomplish his goal, knowing that both it and the Enchantress’ quest are bound to the enforcement of the gods? Or should we press to return to the Brannoch and onwards—or perhaps divide and try to do both? It is almost May…

The Party

Ser Cleve
Corkum AKA Mukroc
Benedictish with Silent X
Ruddy Flynn
Elmon Lemon
Granny Gertrude

Horseladder Tower

The party split to try to accomplish twice as much. Not knowing any better, some of the party answered the summons of the Lady of Horseladder Tower. Promptly recognized as members of Mordens Mauraders, everyone was arrested based on charges committed by party members long since passed. Benadictish, that brave warrior, stood up as the party's Champion in trial-by-combat while Lazlow others took bets. The combat went awry, and those being charged pleaded with the Lady - that they were not the same as who had committed the attrocities of which they were being accused - to make a deal. The Lady finally relented and so they pledged to liberate Dragonssett and avenge those who had fallen at the hands of those foul Felharts.

Wickrobe Tower

Ser Cleve led a reconnaissance mission to Wickrove tower, home of the Pandokars that order of which Killgore is an esteemed member, in an effort to learn more about the Demon Queen and how she can be slain. Pretending to be the Esteemed Kilgore, Cleve tried to learn what he could. Alas, if only he was as good an actor as he is insane - but the Pandokars saw through his ruse. Cleve was charmed and captured, while Mukroc was burned alive for his heresy.


Ser Cleve the Thief
Corkum AKA Mukroc


Another quest, I guess.

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