To Steal a Feather


Even as we speak, many lives hang in the balance. Upon the Sunless Coast, at Harald Weakling’s tower where the night falls more often than not, that sorcerer’s paramour, the Siren Countess, has many would-be thieves in her enthral. Ser Cleve the Sharper and Deagh the Muscle Wizard, once Harald’s crew-mate, are at large still, outwith the tower and planning a rescue.

And Harald isn’t even here yet. Day 8 of The Enchantress’ Geas.

The Party

Ruddy Flynn
Benedictish Frankwich with Silent X
Ser Cleve the Thief with Raddoh the Aviator
Captain Mirvan with Deagh
Mukroc Drungo Drungas

The Escape

Deagh and his summoned demon faced off against an army - Uh oh, sleep spell!

Zzzzzzzz zzz zzz…
- Deagh

Silent X and Linnaeus went off each in their own way and got into a running fight with the Ninja Wizard and two pirates.
Cleve scared the pirates away from Deagh, rescued him, and then the two set about chasing down the Siren Countess. After burning a few gulls they discovered her hiding as a rock among some rocks and tried fighting her hand-to-hand.

Pluck thy qualingin joiten thou guts-gripping ratsbane
- Cleve's Wand of Insults

Deagh was struck and lost all his intelligence. After being clearly beaten Deagh and Cleve made a retreat while the Siren flew to seek the aid of her lover, Harald the Weakling.


All their powers spent, Deagh, Silent X, and Ser Cleve met back at the camp to plot a rescue. They were joined by Brock and ……

The Rescue

The plan was to attack all together at the break of dawn, but when Ser Cleve discovered Harald the Weakling and the Siren teleporting back he decided to seize the opportunity and attacked alone. He mazed Haraold with a lucky first strike and immediately thereafter reversed the Siren's charm on his allies. Harald returned and cast Mentzer's Relative Time Dialation before being held by Mukroc Drungo Drungas.

Mentzer's Relative Time Dialation never heard of it, what does it do? Shit this spell is brutal.

The Endumbening Of The Siren Countess
After the fight we healed our wounded and mourned the loss of Captain Mirvan who died heroically trying to finish off the held Harald. We took Harald's magic cloak, and limped home to Sftabhmontown


Captain Mirvan Slaughterton
Lars (service of Raddoh)
1 other man at arms (service of Mukroc)

Monsters Slain

Haraold the Weakling
Some pirate officers
Some pirates
5 seagulls

Monsters escaped or undefeated

the Siren Countess
Windlass Patricia (friendly with Mukroc)

Treasure found

1 magic ring avec finger
1 magic wand
Secrets of Harald the Weakling
Guide to Guide to Chirurgery
The Grimoire of Fergan Lyrmyr
Recent Advances in Communications with the Outsiders, by Donomagus
1 orrery
1 very fine bracelet
1 silk cape
Mushroom Safety
Glamcomshim's Knowledge
Lots of coins
Harald's cloak of falcon feathers

Contents of the Spell Books

Secrets of Harald the Weakling

The oiled black sheepskin leather binding is set with a Emerald. Contains a guide to preserving the hearts of cave squid in brine.

  • Tenser’s Floating Disc
  • Nystul’s Magic Aura
  • Read Languages
  • The Abstention of the Written Path
  • Continual Light
  • The Unfettered Eye
  • E.S.P.
  • Flame Arrow
  • Mentzer’s Relative Time Dilation
  • Exploding Runes
  • Slow
  • Extension
  • The Illusion of Vile Arthropods
  • Growth of Plants
  • Wall of Iron
  • Caligarde’s Penetrating Vision

Guide to Chirurgery

Made from moldy parchment, this text is wrapped around two thick dowels and smells of vanilla and apples. This book has additional magic about it. It is exceptionally long. It includes a selection of notes, a few magical command words, and drawings of a cheetah and of St. Ansegisus of The God who Sleeps Under Waves.

  • Plane Shift (cleric)
  • Feign Death (cleric)
  • Read Languages
  • Read Magic
  • Protection
  • Magic Missile
  • Message
  • Detect Evil
  • E.S.P.
  • Knock
  • Wall of Fog
  • Lightning Bolt
  • Infravision
  • Fire Ball
  • Fly
  • Gust of Wind
  • Dimension Door
  • Teleport
  • Conjure Elemental

The Grimoire of Fergan Lyrmyr

The tattered and torn parchment of this book is marked with a blood stain. It explains how the leaves of an assassin vine can be used to predict floods.

  • Detect Magic
  • The Call to the Unseen Servant
  • Light
  • Read Magic
  • Burning Hands
  • Nahal’s Reckless Dweomer
  • Forget
  • Mirror Image
  • Water Breathing

Recent Advances in Communications with the Outsiders, by Donomagus

Bound in dull brown leather, this book contains a passage about things yet to pass, instructions for predicting labour disputes and supernatural visitations with the eyes of fish-folk, and has magical properties.

  • Evard’s Frictionless Field
  • Write
  • Magic Missile
  • Detect Magic
  • Pyrotechnics
  • Knock
  • Invisibility
  • Locate Object
  • Leomund’s Trap
  • Invisibility 10′ Radius
  • Leomund’s Tiny Hut
  • The Impermanence of Being
  • Wizard Eye
  • Growth of Plants

Each share of the loot was worth 827 silver pieces.

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