The Enchantress' Bargain/Disaster on the Sunless Coast


One night on the hills of Lonhall was all it took: the skies opened, and that land’s famous Blood Rain fell, and the most fearsome lizards, with the wings of bats and the beaks of roosters, swooped down upon the camp. A detour became necessary.
Now a deal is struck. The Enchantress will return Corkum and Benedictish Frankwich to flesh from their stiff stony states, at a cost. The Green Knight will vouch, but all three must agree to a Quest: To slay Lonhall’s secret Demon Queen or die trying.

The Party

Ser Cleve the Thief with Raddoh the Aviator
Benedictish Frankwich with Silent X
Ruddy Flynn

The Quest

When first on bank the brannoch's ground sees May
Buds bloom and smile before the shining sun
Southeast I'll sail in the tentcross'd Staffwell Bay
To Lonhall's lands Elf-hexed by blood undone.
By river's curse elf made but borne by men
At Branog's Cliff beneath the stony ground
Where Erin fell and more time and again
With blessings from the well at Benson's Mound
I'll break that curse the demons wil be bent
And slain - else I myself in the attempt.

- John Baelfjord of Ashburnham, Benedictish Frankwich, and Corkum

Baelfjord wanted Ser Cleve the Thief to swear too, and he suffered a -2 on his save because it rhymed. Cleve promptly forgot all about it - he wouldn't want the Lizard Queen to know about the quest, after all. We have until the end of May to make progress..

You have an important task to do. Benedictish Frankwich will take you there and tell you what you need. If you can't remember what it is seek out the Seven of Wands or the Queen of Pentacles.
- Cleve's book.

On the Wings of Ravens

They carried us in the other direction looking for Deagh and also a feather we wanted.

The Fight

Hey this seems to be going pretty well. Oh shit.

Everyone got charmed by a Siren Countess. Deagh summoned a demon.

Monsters slain:

Some guards (5)


1 Orrery


Raddoh the Aviator (charmed and captive)
Benedictish Frankwich (charmed and captive)
Silent X (missing)
Lazlow (charmed and captive)
Linnaeus (missing, presumed dead or captive)
Äsdis (charmed and unconscious)
Ruddy Flynn (charmed and captive)
Corkum (charmed and captive)

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