Return to Ardstone part 2: Lonhall


In Lonhall’s greatest port-town, the rescued sailor Madia, from Hakon in the North, tells the crew of the Crimson Dream-weaver of her adventures: treachery at sea, mutiny and blood, and of great sharks smashing ships to smithereens.
This week, under discussion: the route North to Ardstone. Will we adventure among the hidden elf-halls here in Lonhall that called out last time we passed? Will we sail West to Thoronnel to track down the mage Deagh and ask for his help? Will we pass once more by the Giant’s fortress at Storvaðis? Or will we have a simple, calm sail North to the halls of our dwarf-patron Blackbeard the Extraordinary?

The Party

Ruddy Flynn
Ser Cleve the Thief with Raddoh the Aviator
Silent X with Benedictish Frankwich
Osifer Ambush
John Baelfjord of Ashburnham
Lucky Sarah


There was much carousing and surprisingly few incidents. The shipwreck victim we picked up, Madia, turned out to be from a crew split by a fight, and the rest of her crew got picked up by a ship sailing the south coast of Lonhall. We decided not to pursue this fine mystery. Ser Cleve got some information about the activities of his cult, including that there were sympathetic people in the west part of Lonhall, in the Salthill Valley who are being oppressed by a lord known as Lief Mar out of Redstar Keep.

Baelfjord discovered that our allies Brinwolf and Osc were in trouble. Brinolf has been slain by the Haraold's golem and Osc has been captured and is being interrogated by the Fell-Heart in Low Whitfield in the city of Ashkey in the Suspar Mountains.

Ser Cleve turned Brock into a water elemental and we sailed the Crimson Dream Weaver up the coast of Lonhall, towing the great tree behind our vessel.

The Rock of the King

This tiny village turned out to have one thing going, the annual eating contest!
Rothgate (defending champion) vs Gunther the Green vs Osifer Ambush

The next morning Brock once again became an elemental and we sailed on past Brannoch's Cliff, a great hedgerow and bay.

The Night of the Blood Rain

While we camped upon the point there a great storm blew in and the skies filled with blood. We decided to wait it out. Oh woe. Cockatrices came upon us out of the night.
Osifer Ambush was turned to stone
Corkum was turned to stone
Benedictish Frankwich's hat was ruined
Benedictish Frankwich was turned to stone
Lucky Sara was turned to stone

In the morning we picked up the statues and carried on.

The Brannoch

We arrived at the Brannoch where we met Adne, the Great Raven, and The Enchantress. Baelfjord struck a deal to stay at the Brannoch and do research while the party does a quest for the Enchantress in exchange for restoring Benedictish and Corkum.

The Raven made us a side bargain, that he would give us a feather for our ship if we would do a thing for him. Raddoh wishes his quest as the blessing of the north wind is a very fine thing for a flying ship to have.

Loot Found

Nothing! (except for some nice statues including one of a very strapping female warrior)


Osifer Ambush (stoned)
Lucky Sara (stoned)
Baelfjord (remains at the Brannoch)

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