Return to Ardstone part 1: Borland to Lonhall


After mostly surviving the dangerous full moon—and breaking the wolf-curse on the Cleric Ásdís—our party rests in town, for the first time since entering the woods. Corkum waits in his lover’s bed in Sredhka, guarding the felled Sky-tree, hard-won from the woods, and waiting for the ship—Crimson Dream-weaver—crewed with sailors from Rastu, to come. This week, plans are to sail to the nearest thing to home these days, the Dwarf Fortress at Ardstone. Killgore II dreams of magic gloves, crafted by dwarf-tools, and Raddoh the Aviator of the sky-ship he hopes to soon construct.

The Party

Julius Crimson
Jimmy Wormsbait
Ishmael Appleseed
Lucky Sarah
Silent X with Benedictish Frankwich
Ser Cleve the Thief with Raddoh the Aviator
Osifer Ambush

On the High Seas

We sailed from Rastew to Shredkha and picked up Corkum and the log. Jimmy Wormsbait volunteered to be turned into a water elemental after Ser Cleve enticed him with these words "And I really promise I will really turn you back for reals shit I've lead so many people to their deaths". How could this possibly go wrong?

Captain Silent X vs Captain Bergos

En route to Lonhall we came upon a cog captained by the magic-user Bergos. Cleve cased his boat but when we encountered goblins on the seas Bergos quickly tried to use the situation to his advantage by charming the goblin leader and using them to attack us.

  • Naval combat with boats that maneuver really poorly and high power attack spells.
  • Jimmy Wormsbait lost his mind and ran amok causing mass destruction
  • Ser Cleve really really wished he's brought lightning bolt that day.
  • Lucky Sarah and Fritz went down, pierced by goblin arrows.
  • Bergos used protection from normal missiles and fly to render himself invulnerable while he rained down death from on high.
  • Benedictish Frankwich telekenitically lifted Silent X into aerial combat with the traitorous wizard, thereby saving everyone's lives.
  • Ser Cleve turned into a giant squid and a stork and returned with Bergos' spellbook having in the meantime contributed nothing else to the fight.
  • Jimmy Wormsbait swam off into the sunset and is waiting out there somewhere to ambush unwary adventurers as a terrifying creature of the waves.


Jimmy Wormsbait (polymorphed into a water elemental)

Monster Slain

44 goblins
14 sailors
Captain Bergas (defeated but escaped without his spellbook)


1 beech wood box of triangular form "The Grimoire of Yogel Iguifor" - carried by Cleve

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