Return from the Sacred Grove

The Party

Lucky Jack
Adore The Elf
Tippa The Elf
Osifer Ambush
John Baelfjord of Ashburnham
Killgore II with Ahruman
Silent X with Benedictish Frankwich
Ser Cleve the Thief with Raddoh

Into the Woods

While Raddoh and Killgore prepared the tree for travel a scout party explored the area near the sacred grove and found some giant otters. Baelfjord was able to persuade them to help. We set off with Whitethorn and a scout group following along the bank with the party horses. The first night passed uneventfully but on the second day three people from the shore party were taken by great cats.

Illana Vass

The party came upon the sacred grove where the Swan Princess made her camp. Ser Cleve the Thief desired to witness the encounter between her and Whitethorn and stayed behind, hiding among Whitethorn's branches in the form of a squirrel while the rest of the party left at high speed. A fight occurred between the Swan's company of elves and Whitethorn. A dragon was observed above the river where it used its firey breath upon a swan and another bird that were chasing it. Some elves chased after the party's boat but the party escaped. The dragon then disappeared among the trees on the north bank of the river. When Cleve did not return after a day a rescue party was formed. Eventually his remains were found in a wolf's den several hours travel to the north.

"Yes I believe in you but also think you are kind of incompetent."
- Ser Cleve on being restored to life by Baelfjord

The next day the party reached the village of Sredhka.

Monsters Slain

Elly the Sylph
7 Winter Wolves




Lucky Jack
Tippa The Elf
24 of 30 horses
Ser Cleve (raised)

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