The sky-tree


Into the Woods: week four
Following the directions of a hawk, the party continues to travel upriver, Southeast into the Forest of Borland. There they hope to find a stand of great trees, and within it, an Oak suitable for the keel of an unusual ship.

AWB: i just prepped the hex the hawk directed you to. it's pretty cool.

The Plan

  • 1. find tree
  • 2. get tree back to 'Ardstone
  • 3. ???

The Party

Ser Cleve the Thief with Raddoh the Aviator
Silent X with Benedictish Frankwich
Tippa the Elf
John Baelfjord of Ashburnham
Osifer Ambush
Killgore II with Aruhman


The Forest

We did some scouting. Baelfjord confirmed that Sheba, Osifer Ambush, Asdis, and Raddoh are werewolves.

We set off upstream and soon came to a large lake. We walked around the lake and came upon some skeletons led by something worse. Our clerics drove them away. That night some ogres stumbled into our camp accompanied by the Marten Bethlem, a spectre. After we destroyed the spectre the two surviving ogres agreed to work for Raddoh. In the morning we discovered the party of Fenrick and Lazlow, who had stolen the money given to their younger brother to go looking for a magic flute and win the princess' hand in marriage. They agreed to work for Zenovia since they didn't really know how to proceed with their quest and they thought we were really cool. Baelfjord spoke with a chickadee and found some more detail on where we had to go - the Northeast side of the lake.

The party arrived at the Sacred Grove of the Thuderer in the early dawn of the next day. Silent X spoke with some eye trees there and learned about The Forbidden Rite of the Seasons. Then we angered Birch with a poor reaction roll and the fight started.

Baelfjord obliterated Birch with lightning and the party began cutting through animated trees to the sacred grove. Raddoh drank a potion of giant strength and began ripping things out of the ground, but missed his charge anyway.

Raddoh the Aviator attempted to persuade the Sky Tree, Oak, to join the adventure but it was only when Baelfjord joined in, speaking the language of great trees, that Oak relented. In the meantime the party fought displacer beasts and a deadly ivy.

In the aftermath of the battle we advised Alder to take advantage of the circumstances to sieze power, and we gave a very nice cloak to White Thorn in exchange for his blessing for the trip home. We promised White Thorn that it would help him win the heart of the swan, Illana.

After the game AWB made fun of us for missing all the treasure in our focus on attaining our goal.


Mumblefluff made it to elf-town without dying.


Two ogres

Monsters slain

18 skeletons
The ogres Beaumont, Cleitus and Mavis
Martin Bethlem the spectre
2 displacer beasts


400 sp
1 sky tree

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