The Basilisk, or, the cause and solution of all our problems


The Party

Killgore II with ahriman
John Baelfjord of Ashburnham
Mumblefluff Silent X Benedictish Frankwich
Ser Cleve the Thief

Getting Ready

Celebrations from last week's triumph took most of the week. Cleve got overly drunk and wound up in jail, but it was all okay because by the time he got out he and his jailer, the dwarf Henrique Culeveigh were great friends.

Julio the ogre has a hall near to Storvadhis, the giants castle, on the southeast coast of the Maurmyri. The road southwest leads to other dwarf fortresses. Blackbeard does not know of any road that goes to Storvadhis, but he does not know all the roads.

Onto the Road! Into the Dungeon!

The party set into the dungeons hoping to get through on the road to Indestern's point with Ser Cleve navigating. They came upon the lair of two basilisks, the most horrible, foul, and awful creature any of them had ever encountered. For Denby, the dwarf-at-arms Raduxnia, and Trixie the Pixie the hissing lizard was the last thing they would see before they were turned to stone. Cleve tried to aim his lightning spell without looking and scored a partial success, injuring one of the creatures. Aruhmann did better, immobilizing them in a web. Mumblefluff did best, using ESP, general badassery and his mighty bow to finish off the first creature and injure the second before Killgore cut his way through and, gritting his teeth against the creatures' most hideous poison, won the day.

After pausing to mourn their fallen comrades the party pressed on, encountering a wyvern and freeing Brock the gnome, its prey. They found an exit from the gnome city and embarked back on the dwarf road to the west. They reached a junction and made camp. While Cleve was busy casting spells and trying to find which way was up on his map a great shadow came upon them out of the darkness. Baelfjord raised his holy symbol but was only able to turn away its shadowy henchmen. Silent X was struck and drained by the spectre of 2 levels before Mumblefluff finished it off with fire. Searching under the flagstones Baelfjord found its grave and treasure including a tarnished longsword all suspected was magic.

After a short rest the party began to make plans for the coming journey. Cleve tried to identify the longsword but failed to gain any useful information whatsoever. The party embarked upon the dwarf road and shortly arrived at the foot of the long stairs up to Crammond's Keep. Saying "Well, this isn't where we were trying to get but at least it's not the dungeon" they ascended and were welcomed by the dwarves.

Monsters Slain

2 basilisks
1 wyvern
16 shadows
1 spectre


Denby (petrified)
Raduxnia the dwarf-at-arms (petrified)
Trixie the pixie (petrified)
Silent X (double level drained, survived)


5440 cp
2720 sp
163 gp
tiger eye
the longsword "Tamson"
each share of treasure was worth 1184 sp, 1cp

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