Lwellyn Lywellen (Gallow Nothisrealname)

Gallow Nothisrealname (wizard name "Gallow the Bruised") is the friend and significantly less-Engelsh apprentice of Archibald Arborlax and the former archmagus-apparent of a secretive, unsuccessful line of slow witted but durable wizards. He is on a quest to push Francois the Concussed down a very specific flight of stairs.

The Stairway Rite of Francois the Concussed, and of His Master Before Him

For reasons unknown to all but the initiates of the highest mysteries, the Wizards of the Tower of Contusion complete their initiation by being suddenly pushed down a flight of stairs. The cult's related tradition of each master adding another flight of stairs upon his succession serves only to complicate this ritual. Apprentices aren't really told about this. Those who are are usually told it is a metaphor for something other than being abruptly pushed down over twenty flights of stairs.

Gallow himself was pushed down the stairs by his former master, Francois the Concussed, as he was pushed down the stairs by his master before him, who was called Leonard o' the Black Eye. Nobody remembers all too clearly who pushed Leonard o' the Black Eye down the stairs, but it should be written down somewhere. Nobody at all knows who pushed the cult's founder, Mathilde Stair-Faller-Downer, down the stairs. Heretics say she merely tripped and fell off her porch. The cult burns those people.


Gallo died on an expedition to finally slay Kazekish the Undying, cut in twain by invisible stalkers.

Before giving up the ghost, Gallo Nothisrealname revealed his real name: Lwellyn Lywellen.

What a mystery.

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