Game Stats

  • Level 4 Magic-User, A MIGHTY THEURGIST
  • Quest: To acquire the most magic. Not necessarily the best magic, but the most magic.
    • Part of this quest, apparently, is to write as many spells as possible into his Hella Huge Spellbook.
  • What is his hat? Wow, it's a sweet hat, it's freakin' huge. It's got, like, jewels? And bones? Jewelled bones, probably? You gotta see it. He even decided to cast Continual Light on some piece of glitter he may or may not have clumsily sewn onto it.

The Tale So Far

  • Gadzooks joined up in Braynoch's Cliffs, apparently accidentally. Maybe he was looking for magic? Blood falling from the sky is probably sweet magic.
  • He immediately distinguished himself from the other Adventure Interns by his ability to cast Sleep, then jam his hat down on his head and run like a little girl. However, he has been less prudent about things that are Sweet Magic, like Runes. Gadzooks still has lingering concerns about Runes. And Engravings.
  • Was very impressed by the obviously magical flying boat.
  • Spent a great deal of time in Meywrall either casting Sleep or jettisoning himself away from rest of the party.
  • Has continued following the party to Sstabhmonton and then to Braynoch's Cliffs due to their uncanny ability to give him silver pieces.
  • May, in fact, not be that Wizened? Age unconfirmed by mortal eyes that cannot pierce beyond his hat. Possibly an extraplanar trickster pretending to be a loot-leeching arcanist for laughs.


Tefrara, the Efreet

  • Gadzooks made another friend! By accident, this time.
  • May or may not try to burn things that the party would rather not burn (She will.)
  • 10 HD efreet, 16 AC + 1 with a shield, hits for 2d6 damage with sword or fiery fist.
  • Efreeti can carry up to 75 stone.
  • Can cast Wall of Fire at will.
  • Can Fly at speed 24 or walk at speed 9.
  • Has a very fancy silver-and-gold broadsword that Gadzooks rustled up for her from the cargo hold, along with a shield.
  • Can normally be found flying outside of her flask as a token of general good faith by Gadzooks.
  • Has standing orders to not attack anyone, burn anything, draw attention to herself or the party, or generally make trouble without explicit instructions.
  • Wears a brass brassiere.


  • A Hella Huge Spellbook
    • It's got some kind of magic on it? It's really likely that it's magical. You'd have to think it would be. Also some precious metals, maybe?
    • He likes to write spells into it rather than hauling ten books around, so it's getting a little long.
    • Currently contains:
      • Level 1:
        • All Player's Guide Spells
        • Magic Missile
        • Susurration
        • Spider Climb
        • Zolobachai's Impractical Yam
        • Faerie Fire
        • Tenser's Floating Disc
      • Level 2:
        • Tasha's Hideous Laughter
        • Locate Object
        • Continual Light
        • Glitterdust
        • Invisibility
        • ESP
        • Knock
        • Detect Invisibility
        • Levitate
      • Level 3 (soon, baby, soon):
        • Lightning Bolt
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