Hi, I'm called Fuckslayer and I'm a demon. The crew first found me in Braynoch's cliffs where they roofied me. A halfling named Bob gave me food and took care of me so I decided to stick around a while cause it would be fun. I played dumb for a little while because I like being msyterious.

My favourite thing to do is watch party members die and offer them a deal with a demon. I did that lots when the flying boat we were on was attacked by a banshee. Hate those things. Sadly, the demon lords thought everyone had worthless souls, so that went nowhere. So, my goal now is to make deals and help my fellow party members become famous so that I can collect there souls. A couple of weeks ago I was rewarded for my chaos causing ways and was promoted from an imp to a quasit. Mama imp is so proud!

Also, I made a deal with Gildoonstern that he could ride me in exchange for his soul. LOL! YOUR SOUL IS MINE FOR ETERNITY.

List of peoples souls that I own:

1) Gildoonstern

Here is my fave music:


The Fuckslayer Promise

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